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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Electric...(boogie woogie woogie)

You remember how I was complaining that my power kept going on and off for no particular reason, and then the maintenance guy took a week to figure out the issue and fix it? My electric bill was also always around $100-150 for the month! Yea, for just me. Even when I was home for 2 hours a night before going to sleep, it was around 80 a month. I live in 65 degree winters inside and darkness cus I'm so cheap, and I pay out the ass for electric.

That was only a couple of weeks ago, and only 1 week shows on my new electric bill, and it's already cheaper. So, guess how much my electric bill is? $36.43 for the month.

Guess how much my total due is? $65.50 bucks! I get charged from Ohio Edison $29.07. Almost as much as First Energy charges me for my actual electric usage. I also get a 5% credit monthly for signing something a couple years ago. But seriously, this whole energy thing is a racket!

At least, my electric bill is now under $100 a month. I can't wait to see it after a full month of no electrical suckage. I knew I barely used any electric for fuck's sake.

What else is new. I'm sick of a person who works for me. I can't wait until I give her review, and she sees that she dropped 15 points from her last one, being that we are friends I'm sure she expects more. But, I was honest and went over and over it with my boss. She's slacking because I am her boss, missing deadlines. She has an attitude with me when I assert any authority, for example, telling her what has to be done first (which is the same every freaking month) when I see her skipping tasks. Because "I don't like doing that". Yea. '

It's like I told the manfriend, I was unhappy with my job, but did I stop working? No, I looked for other employment while keeping up with my work and even doing more. And then I got promoted! I don't expect any less from anyone else. She should at least be doing her job "as expected". And that means not bitching about being busy, while you sit online and piddle all day. After.....I helped you stuff hundreds of envelopes to get you out of the hole. Oh yes she did.


babylamb said...

Can you give me some of that money you are saving my electric bill is up to $435.00. welcome to Arizona's heat.

Allison M. said...

I feel for babylamb. Mine was $85 this month. Just wait until the heating bills for the winter!!!

Barb said...

First mistake? Never work with friends. Especially if you're her superior! And remember, this job does not revolve around her likes and dislikes....she knew what she was getting into...right?

Stick to your guns girl!

Oh, and I'm a little guilty with the internet thing at work too...oops! LOL