"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, August 22, 2008

Paperboy and the Ditty..(anyone catch this??)..

Firstly, how cute is this picture? That's me and the manfriend at the beach. I love his sandal tan. It's freaking adorable. You can still see a glimpse of my blood blister too. It's way freaking hott, and still lingering! Feet in the sand pictures are kinda a family tradition. So, I got the manfriend in on it. I made it pretty at Picknik. Which I saw over at Quipwhit.

In other news..some cocksucker decided to let themselves into my car Wednesday night. I can't say that they broke into it, because I left it unlocked. I never do either. Even in the country. But that night I took the dog with me to the circle k around 11. I let her out the passenger door so I unlocked both doors. The manfriend came over after that. We were up until 2:30am.

When I went to work the next morning, my lights were on in the car. The glove box was opened. My console was opened. The passenger door was ajar. (I said ajar) They took my 2 packs of cigarettes out of my console and put them on the seat. Went thru some CD's in the console. Those were on the seat. The paperwork on my car wasn't gone. I had change in my cup holder, that was there. Nothing was visibly taken. I have no idea why someone would go thru my car, or what they were looking for. Probably some darn fool kids looking for sudafed so they can cook up their crystal meth. I had some Mucinex, but they left that too!

I live atop (I said atop) a semi-grand hill (grand enough to take the cars of anyone who tries to brave it in the winter). There is nothing around me but another apt complex, with two apartments in it, and houses. No reason for people to be 'passing thru'. Whoever did it meant to do it, it wasn't by chance they were walking by. They have no reason to walk by.

There was a paper in the driveway, like the local paper. So a paperboy was there. The neighbor subscribes to the wknd paper. So, fishy that they got one Thursday morning. I'm blaming it on the paper boy. I have decided that I'm staking him out on Saturday. I'm going to get up at the buttcrack of dawn, and non-chalant ask the paperboy, since he is there so early in the morning, did he notice anything unusual, since my car was broken into, and I filed a police report. (that last bit is for reaction only) You know, not accuse anyone, but let him know I know he probably did it under the guise that I'm asking for his assistance apprehending this criminal!

My crackhead ex boyfriend delivered papers. For drug money. You never know what kinda person you'll have delivering your paper. It affords the perfect drug lifestyle. I mean, my ex stole from people's houses when he cleaned their carpets. From old people. In pain. He stole their meds. Addiction is a sick thing.

Meanwhile, I parked my car in the garage. Have fun with that dickbag. I also had to leave both my outside lights on. Which will cost my cheap ass more money. Is nothing sacred? I also locked my downstairs windows. I hate living like I'm in the city! It's bullshit!

I havn't weighed myself since I gained 4lbs on vacation. But I'm still working out, and that's all that matters. I'm a work in progress. It'll never end. So, why get upset about it.

P.S. I got a hit thru google for "alka seltzer morning relief discontinued". It's not discontinued. The boy loves that stuff. It's just gone thru a name change. It's now called "wake up call". Where's my kickback?


babylamb said...

Love the sand picture!!

I would be annoyed that somebody broke into my car and didn't want anything. LOL! I mean shit they could have sold the cigarettes for beer money or something.

Heather said...

Yes. I love the sand picture! Too cute! I would be really creeped out about the car.

Heather said...

I keep forgetting to ask about your last twitter. Where did you get to listen to the Brittney Spears CD? I want to hear it!

Patti Cake said...

Someone once broke into my car and stole my dry cleaning. No kidding. Left the CDs, money, registration...took my dry cleaning. Dude!

You are right...the numbers on the scale are just numbers, how you feel about yourself and what you are doing is what matters.

Suzi said...

Cuuuuute picture!

How insulting that the car breaker-inner didn't steal any of your CDs. You must be questioning your musical taste now, huh? Good thing you didn't leave your purse in there, or an iPod, or a GPS. That's what people seem to like to steal.

Erin said...

i'm guessing the person who "broke in" was looking for a GPS system or cell phone or something - something valuable to hock or whatever. Well good thing he didn't take anything!

LOVE the picture - you all are just too adorable!!

Mon said...

its driving me crazy, because i think there must be SOMETHING missing!

yea i dont feel safe! I twittered you back!

your dry cleaning? thats messed up! thanks for the positive vibes!

no shit. I know my music taste is awesome, but I download all my music, or burn copies. Maybe or something. But no one wants to steal copied music, thats, stealing stolen goods.

Barb said...

If anyone went through my stuff well..that's just creepy.

My hubby and I could never take pics of our feet together...he has fungi YUCKO! LOL :)