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Monday, June 11, 2007

Send Help...

Hello, like, the year 1807? How did you live without air conditioning? Is this why people died in their 30's back then? Seriously? I'm just wondering. I'm ready to move into a cave or something. It's worth putting up with the bugs and bats for. I'd bathe in a stream, and the cats would keep the mice away. Shit, it's totally free too. Might not be a bad idea! Ok, with the shitty stuff going on with me, I had better not tempt fate. Hello, universe? Don't make me homeless to prove a point, K?

I was trying not to put the A/C in yet, cus I 'm too poor to afford my elevated electric charges. Cus my bills still too high. Ok, most dumbfucked thing ever happened. ...(so stupid I spent 5 minutes rewriting the word dumbfucked to find a more appropriate one, btw: impossible).. My electric bill is $262. Not for the month, but total.

I got online, as I do every month, to schedule my electric payment of $120. (which if you ask me is a very ample payment when my current bill is only $70!) I can't. I have to pay $192 or nothing at all. So, instead of taking some of my money, they'd rather get none of my money.

When did they start denying payments? I don't fucking know. So I tried 15 times to submit my payment. Fifteen times. I have to act like Fred Flintstone now, and use a paper, and pen, and write out an actual check, lick an envelope, and pay 40 something cents to mail them a payment. As if them saying I had to pay 192 is going to make me magically materialize that extra 72 bucks. "Oh, well...now that you mention it, I did have the money to pay my whole bill, and I was just bullshittin...here you go".

Yet again I state, if I ruled the world, I'd take your money no matter how much you gave me. Money pays the bills, dickheads.


EC said...

My electric company does the same freaking thing!! I'm just so amazed that it is all or nothing - I hate them :)

Janet said...

There's another school in our district that has no air. Wait it gets worse. My friend teaches pre schoolers ON THE FOURTH FLOOR. :(

Bianca said...

You're not missing much without air conditioning. I've been running mine, but it's still hot in here. I might as well not have bothered!

Charlie Mc said...

hey stranger!!!! :)

The momma said...

Central air, runs nice and cool all the time. This months bill $56.. Pay nothing for any heat during winter. Have to wear a sweater in restaurants in the summer.. VA. vs OH. UTILITIES.. I always had high electric and gas there and could never keep up with a full payment. always shut off notices. Thanks for reminding me of why I left there.

Mon said...

I think that's ridiculous, but glad to know it's not just Ohio!

I might have to claim workers comp or something, that is crazy!

You're back?!

I dont have a gas bill. pffffft.