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Saturday, June 09, 2007

My $10 Subscription Made My Day...

Fun Trivia! Friday, in the matter of an hour it did which of the following? A -It rained. B-Downpoured. C-Hailed. D-Sunny and clear. E-Torrential rain, with 70 mph winds. F-90 degrees and humid. G-Sprinkling rain. The answer is "H" all of the above. Our state motto is "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes". Although, I think that "construction capital of the world" might take over as the motto real soon.

Have I mentioned how I got Entertainment Weekly for $10 this year? Ok, maybe I did, but still, you have to admit, that is a steal! They love their past subscribers! So, I got two in the mail so far. Oh..how I missed thee. Let me count the ways. Well, let's not, but Hot summer TV 50 shows to watch. Hello- 50 shows I've practically never heard of? Stuff that's coming back? I remember a time when nothing good was on in the summer, and it was a HUGE deal when 90210 did their "summer seasons".

Oh, TV shows. I shall enter many of you into my TiVo to find and record you. And, we will see if our relationship will be magical or not. Let's see what I'm going to be watching this summer, Shall we?. Ahem.

Holey Shit!! They are bringing back The 4400. If you like heros, you should check this show out. Only, it's in season three and you might be lost. And since hero's totally stole their thunder I bet it gets canceled. But anyway they're like hero's, only the future stole them, screwed with their DNA, and brought them all back at once to save the future. But the present hates them. And wants them to all die. All 4,400 of them, just showed up one day! Poof! And they each have a power. For a season you thought it was aliens. But it isn't. It's flippin' awesome. On USA.

Big Brother starts in July. There is nothing better than having one of your shows on 3 nights a week. All they disclosed for the new year was they have to eat the slop again. Awesome.

Creature Comforts. This started already, and I'm pissed I missed it. It's claymation. I love claymation. It's a lost art. From the makers of Wallace and Gromit. Claymation. Ok?

Kyle XY. I started watching this last summer by accident, and turns out, it's a pretty decent show. I'm intrigued by aliens, even though I fucking hate them. Kyle isn't a known alien though, we just know he wasn't "born" cus he has no belly button. He's like a super human bred for murder or something.

My Life on the D List. I love this show. Mostly because if I had the ability to be funny for money, I'd totally be Kathy Griffin. She makes me laugh, and she hates kids. That's important.

World Series of Pop Culture. This is one of those shows you watch and say "I could totally win this shit" but you know if you really were on the show, you'd be just as idiotic as those schmucks are on TV. Anyhow, it's a lot of fun, on VH1.

Miami Ink. I love this show. When I first watched it I wondered how a show about tattoos could be interesting, but people have stories for their tats, and I love it! And how cool was it Kat got the boot last season? That's some good TV. Now she has her own show, that I'll be watching too!

One good thing about TV (ha ha ha like there isn't a billion) is that it gives me a reason to walk on the treadmill. Only, if I walked the whole time I watched TV I might not complain about being fat, now would I?


Kentucky Girl said...

Uhm, I can't wait for Big Brother to start. My friend and I always go in half and buy the feeds, too. Heee!

Mon said...

I never get the feeds, but I'd love to just once!! I probably wouldn't ever sleep though.

EC said...

If I walked as much as I watch tv, I would only weight about 20 pounds, lol.

Jess said...

After our big move last week, I signed up for DVR for the first time. I'm already in love with it. So, so wonderful.