"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Workplace Drama...

So when I got off work this morning, the dayshift wknd girl told me she thinks she got the other midnight girl fired. I said good going, now we'll get screwed into working the extra shifts. Know why she didn't give a shit? She works days. Who will get screwed? Me. As if I don't get the screw being the only one having to work midnights as it is.

This girl came into work one night I guess after drinking. Mind you she wasn't working, she came in to check her email she said. This dayshift girl decided to call the Major and tell him what she did. Why? Cus she is a dumbass. So I get to work today, after getting little, to no sleep all day because my fucking neighbor was out working on his 4-wheeler all day, and I had an email from the leutenant. He said I could have off 2 wknds I requested in July, but that I had to work next weekend, as they let this other girl go. Sayhuh? Make that bitch that squealed work it. Damn!

How's the saying go? I got fucked, without a kiss? I'm dead fucking tired. I went on a long bike ride with CP. He took us a picnic and we fed the ducks. He pulled me for a while too. I kept holding on to him. I crack me up. Lazy ass biotch that I am. I didn't work out Thursday, or Friday, so this kicked my ass! Plus the fact that I'm working round-the-clock doesn't help. Seriously, I'm getting too old for this. I kinda just want to curl up into a ball and admit defeat. The world is more powerful than me. I cannot keep trying to get ahead at the expense of my own sanity, and well-being.

Excerpt from an actual report I entered tonight:"I was delivering pizza's at the (enter hotel name) to room (enter room number). A man answered the door and a woman in the background asked "Is she hot?". He closed the door and came back. The woman kept repeating in the background "I want her to lick my pussy".

Now, the funny thing about this is, it was a dictation, and the officer actually had to say those words out loud. I got quite a kick out of this one.

Another actual excerpt from a report I entered. A lesson on the kind of fucking idiots I have to deal with."At (this person's neighbor's address), dogs were barking continuously from 6:00pm to 6:15 pm"

That's not a typo. A person actually wasted an officer's time to report the neighbors dog barked for 15 whole minutes.

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