"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Day In The Life...

Well, apparently Fox took down the links yesterday to the news story I tried to post. One of the news anchors was talking about an upcoming story on the air guitar. He said to the other anchor "I don't know if he can play air guitar but I've seen him play the skin flute". The other anchor laughed and said he had no words for that. Classic. Nothing exciting ever happens in Ohio.

So, since I'm too busy to do anything, here's what I've been up to, for instance, yesterday.

Got to work, got free breakfast, made a billion reports for a billion people. Worked on newsletters, more reports, answered a million calls. Gave all my piddly-ass work to the temp. We have a temp. Sweet.

In between working and answering phones, I made several calls to find out just why I wasn't paid for my part time job. Turns out, they never faxed my time sheet to the temp place. The woman who does it is on vacation so no one did it. Nice huh? I needed that money to pay my electric Tuesday as promised, so I charged the damn bill on my credit card! Now I have to pay that off before it gathers interest!

Left work, went to settle the matter with Movie Gallery. The matter in which they TRIPLE charged me for 1 transaction, and I had spent the previous two days chasing that problem down. That took about a half an hour. Then I went to the grocery store for my brother. Got home and went on a bike ride for an hour and a half with CP. We stopped to feed the ducks. I think this is the most rest I had all week. I'm totally gonna video the ducks next time, they come trucking up to you for food, and eat out of your hand. I love the ducks.

When we got home, I cleaned the downstairs with CP's help, then he did the dishes. I hung up some laundry, sat for 1/2 hour to watch a TV show, got a bath, and by then it's 11:00. I watched 1 program in its entirety, and went to bed. Now, you tell me, where the fuck is my ME time? I've had to clean every day. Normally I straighten up but not CLEAN every day.

Then I have to get up and go to work in the morning. Meanwhile, CP was up playing video games all night. He asked this morning if I needed anything. I said "yea, I need for you to get up every morning and go to work like me". He supposedly starts a job next week. And, let's hope for his sake he has the $ he owes me on Friday.

My Momma said it best. It's as if I am running a home for wayward men. Seriously.

Update. Katie said she thinks they found the body of that missing woman. Near where we grew up. Not far from my house. Where I ride my danged bike and walk all the time! I work for the police in that area. Guess I'll get the scoop when I work this wknd.


bethie said...

About that missing woman....there was such a fuss yesterday about how they might have found her body, but it turns out that the cadaver dogs found marijuana plants! LOL

Bianca said...

Oh my god...that missing pregnant woman story is really distubring. "Mommy is in the rug." *shudder*

Mon said...

i know, how classic was that? they found a fresh marijuana garden. ha ha ha. Glad it wasn't her though, but of all the things!

I know, it's sad. They still don't know where she is.