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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

TV Dad

I did the TITMT from Janet a day late. Because every time I watch Leave it to Beaver I think to myself, gee Wally, wouldn't Ward be a swell dad? Seriously, he was all business, and yet, when he got home, he'd put on his sweater and polo shirt and be "down to earth dad" too. I just love him. And he's always nice to June. And as long as I wasn't married to him doing all the damned work around the house, I'd like him just fine.

Anyone that would rescue their kid from a steaming cup of coffee, and not smack the shit out of him, is a bitchin dad in my book! Bill Cosby would be a fun dad too...but I don't watch much of the Cosby sow anymore.

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Janet said...

There was a time when all anyone talked about was dad's like Beaver's. I guess time has broadened the choices a bit. Thanks for playing!:)