"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's My Day..

Today, is MY day. I'm having a day that puts yesterday to shame. Yesterday, is another story. Today, I got my ring! It's beyootiful. Well worth the wait. Sorta. If I liked waiting, which I don't. I also got a call from my hair stylist, who had a cancellation, and guess who gets to have her hair colored and cut tonight? Yep, that'd be me! So, today is good and I am carrying my positivity thru to the evening.

Last night, however, was an evening straight from hell. When nothing goes right. I had planned to get some stuff done at my brother's house with CP, and turns out, my brother was released from the hospital. I had nothing ready. No money. No food. House still a mess. It was hours of cussing, and running, and calling Mom to get it all together.

My sister Western Union'ed (is that a word?) me some money for food for my brother and to get his scripts. I went to pick it up and apparently they forgot to give the woman working at Rite Aid a brain that day. I mean, serioulsy, I was there for half an hour while she fumbled through, called another manager, and had two other associates attempt to help her. I was such a bitch to that woman, that I can never go back. It's the only pharmacy near my house too. Nice.

I was there so long I had to go home to pee, steadily cussing and driving like an asshole, so much so, that my neighbor tried calling me several times as she witnessed my erratic behavior. I went to another store to pick up the money, get inside, go to three places in the store, and they don't do Western Union. Only money gram. What the fuck is the difference? So then I call my brother to have him brought down to the car so I don't have to go up to get him and go get my car, and waste another hour. By that time it was 8:00 and we still had to get money, and get his scripts.

Did I mention I have some raging PMS? Worth noting. Finally get to a place to get the money, get him some food, go get his prescriptions, and I was finally home at 9:00. I did not work out. I despise changing my routine. I get what your saying universe, the world isn't mine for the taking or some shit, but hello, I'm not going to change how I am.

I'm super busy at work. We have a huge meeting next week, and I've got three VP's to prepare for it. Plus my normal month end shit which is plenty thankyouverymuch. I got an irate customer today. You know if a customer is calling the Vice President, they are beyond hope, and utterly pissed off. Turns out this was the woman we got an email about telling us "do not engage her in conversation, transfer her immediately to customer relations". You've got to be a pretty big bitch to have an email dedicated to you. Asking people to not even engage you in conversation. Too bad, I did, long before getting her name. Now, this bitch has my name and extension. Lucky me.

So, I woke up this morning, tired as fuck because I couldn't sleep. And told myself I am going to have a fabulous day. I was at work early. Got a hair appointment when there was a month wait, and my ring came in. I seriously don't ask for much. I don't know how the rest of the coming weeks will work out for me, but I'm trying not to think about it.


EC said...

that was a great day!! Hope you enjoyed it :)

Rachel said...

PMS totally sucks. Some days just don't go as planned. At the end of the day, you have to shrug it off and accept not every day will go as well as you would have liked. Thank God for tomorrows.