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Friday, June 22, 2007

Fun, You Stupid Idiot....

You know that part of that one song, "I'm the Man" by Anthrax? 'We really don't care, we just want to have, a festival, fun you stupid idot'. No? Ok, nevermind. The point is, there's a festival going on in the old town this weekend. I got no sleep. I fell asleep at 6:30, and CP woke me up at 7 in the kitchen and I never got back to sleep. I was 15 min late to work due to all the road blocks.

Finally, I had to call in and ask the sergeant what to do to get to work. He told me to pull the old "I need to get to work" routine with the po-po's. It just so happened to be the only cop that really talks to me, and I think is cute that let me thru. I felt like I had a back stage pass or something cus they let me go thru the road block. I'll remember that when I'm late again some time.

There is an "alive" festival also going on by my house. This is a christian rock festival. There's 3 calls in for complaints about the noise. I swear people have no lives. Working at the po-po's solidifies that. I'm hoping for a quiet evening. Tomorrow, there's fireworks. I plan to turn our outside camera around, and watch them from inside work. Of course, some dickheads will call and complain about the fireworks being too loud, and ruin my fun.

I found out today that Friday July 6th, instead of working 11pm-7am after working my 8-5 day job, I will be working 7pm-7am. 24 hours of work, because I fucking love it. I sure hope you don't plan on talking to me any time that weekend. Because the shit will fly.

I'm sure if something arises, I'll update with a good drunk story. I'm about ready to quit this God forsaken job.

P.S. This is only the cutest thing I've seen in forever. Otters are the most adorable animals.


Janet said...

Wow, I totally didn't know that otters would do the hand holding thing. I love when animals act like people. I wonder if animals feel the same way about us.:)

Frances said...

RE: Breaking thru the road block - Too cool - I would have felt special too.
The otters are beyond adorable.
Will be sending good vibes your way 7/6
Waving at you from New York,

Jess said...

Ouch! That work schedule is brutal. :(

Mon said...

The best part was when they broke apart, and they got back together again. Beyond adorable!

Thanks, I'll need it!

it sure is. I'm getting too old for this.