"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Who The Hell Would Want My Identity?..

I got a letter from the GAP, that their computers were stolen and my identity is in there since I applied for a job at Old Navy a while back. Lovely. I get free credit montiroing for it, and I'm insured up to $25,000 which should cover me if anyone messes up my credit, since it's obviously so bad I can't even get a car financed. My score is up over 100 points from when I got my last car. It's over mid-way to the highest score...yet...I got another denial letter yesterday for a car loan. I have no idea what the problem is. My last car was thru a real-live bank. So, it's not like I can't get credit??? What....the fuck!

I wonder if someone did get my identity, and I'm living it up somewhere off the coast of Thailand? Or..maybe my car is free? I'm not calling the dealership, that's for damn sure, they fucked up not me! Until then, I'm driving a free car. Well, I'm saving my money, cus my luck, I'll get screwed somehow into paying it three months from now in a lump sum. You know, I already got the title to the car? Yet...no loan info? Umm. Hello?

Last night, I got to see the boy. *angels sing*. I dunno people. The thought of him alone makes me want to cry. I have got it pretty bad. Pretty-durned-bad! You know, the second you see each other, you have to have that long, passionate kiss that melts you to your toes? You just can't wait? Yea, that's how we are. Then you gotta touch. Always. He was in his cute little work outfit. Totally...freaking...hot! We had an amazing conversation. As usual. Then at around 10:30 my doorbell rang, and it was my neighbor. Being all loud and saying she wanted to meet the boy who captivated my heart. The boy I'm in loooooove with! I kept telling her to "shhhh...you can't come in you've been drinking!" Eventually I had to shut the door on her. She even kissed me thru the screen. Tryin to mess up my game!

The boy said he would've met her, but I said she would've only embaressed me. I mean he knows how I feel about him, but some things have yet to be said, and I'd like that to come from me, not a drunk friend. You know...? He makes me so happy. Not that I wasn't happy, which I think is the main reason I am so happy around him. He just enhances my already happy self. We can't get enough of each other....in all aspects. It's just refreshing to have finally met the person (wait for it....) who brings out the best in me. I guess I always knew the kind of person I was, but I was with people who never appreciated me for me. Took advantage of me. This person was trapped inside wanting to be out. Wanting to show all that I have to offer. To the right person.

I remember being a really good wife. I did like to take care of my husband, and ever since then, it was hard for me to do all those things for anyone. With this boy, I want to do everything for him. Simply because it would make him happy. And, making him happy makes me happy. It's so funny to even hear myself say that, because I havn't been like this for so long. I'm crazy about him. I told him last night I wanted to stop time and stay in that moment. Which he thought was so sweet. We are both very passionate about preserving the way we are right now. People do it all the time, it just takes work. I don't want to ever look back and say "remember when simply holding each other felt so good?" I want to say "all these years later, just holding you still feels good." Who knew I was so romantic? Not me!

And, P.S. I finally lost another pound. I thank the boy for that. Ifyaknowhatimean! 44lbs! Yay!


EC said...

Well, I might have an answer on the car loan - many times the car people send your info to many many lenders - so you may have gotten approved at one, but denied on others which you get letters for. Now, if you are sure that is the only one then I've got nothing for ya, lol.

And yeah, I'd keep the embarassing friend away too!! lol

Anonymous said...

I got one of those letters about the idenity theft too. Screw em.
Secondly, SOOOO WHATTTTT if I was drunk!!!!!!!! You talk about him nonstop so I wanted to meet him!! I wouldnt of said anything bad to him either.
And PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE rearrange your bedroom. I need some sleep!! ha ha

Kentucky Girl said...

Congrats on 44lbs! That is QUITE an accomplishment, girly!

Mon said...

your probably right. but when the heck am i gonna get my real loan info? ya know? cmonnn! lol

i know thats you. lol. i plan on doing that this wknd if i dont go back to work. just to make you happy, and me less embaressed to get it on !

thank you! i cant wait to hit 50 thats a bigg'n to me!