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Friday, October 12, 2007

Going My Way?...

Well. I don't want to boast or anything..but I will! Last night I went to test for my part-time job. The one I had back in 2005/2006 that I always say I never should have quit cus I made bank. Yea, that one. When I got there the lady was like "didn't you work here before?" and I said yes, she asked when. I said I quit in May 2006. So she looked me up and said "I think I brought you out here for no reason you might not have to test again, let me check" and she left and came back and fiddled with the computer. She asked if so and so called me. I said no. I think I have a different number. Which I did. She said in the computer I'm eligible for re-hire, and named a few people who worked there when I last worked there that were coming back! Then, around the corner comes my old supervisor, absolutely excited to see me coming back! Yay! I can state, that I did see some of the "crazies" that worked with me before. They make for good stories. Better than drunks any day.

So, she said the hiring guy would call me today, and...he did! I start Monday. Is that pimp shit or what? No test, no interview, no nothin! Since the hours I want to work are "odd" he said he can bring me in on a temporary basis, 3-6 months. Perfect if you ask me. He said no less than 3, but possibly more. I'm thinking, good, I wont have to quit again. I don't want to work 6-10 M-F cus I can't wait a week to see that boy I'm seeing. I'll just die. (I know I'm sickening) So, I'm working til after 10 M, Tu, Th, Fr. And on Wednesday, only two hours. Wednesday is when I can see him. I start on Monday. I am gonna be rich! I really hope I keep my nose to the grindstone with this job, and make a ton of money, pay off my two remaining cards, and sock some cash away. I just have to be super careful. With any luck, I can be done in three months, and have the rest of the time (if there is more time) be extra savings.

The best part, is I will have no time to workout in the evenings. So, I have to force myself to get up at 6 am, and workout. I usually get up at 7. This is going to blow pretty hard, but I'm thinking maybe it'll get me started in the mornings with working two jobs I'll be so tired. I might end up liking it. I'll have my evenings free then. I could always utilize the gym at work, and do it on my lunch break, but I'd only be able to get a half hour in and then be all skanky for the rest of the day and I'd rather not. Good luck with that...... Thanks.

And the boy is gonna help me get my credit cards paid off. No, silly, he's not paying them. But he's gonna help me figure a way out to get them paid off faster. I've been doing it all wrong. I pay off the lower interest, and roll over the higher interest to the lower interest when theres an available balance. Basically, not getting anywhere on lowering the payment. The boys pretty smart. I think I'll keep him!

I went out with Heather last night for drinks. I had 5 beers and didn't buy a one! Love that! And tonight I'm going to dinner with Katie, and a trip to the new Target. Look at me, having a life and shit! I'm freaking living large! Tomorrow, I take my stank dog to the vet for her nasty ear infection. And help my friend Dusty move. Then....then? I see the boy. *angels sing*. Hopefully walk with Kat on Sunday. I'm jam packed. That job was stifeling my life. Now I can do things again! Yay me!

Yea, so ummm...is this my life? Things are really going my way? Huh? Yes, believe it! Believe it!

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Slick said...

Ha...enjoy it girl. Enjoy iy.

This post was full of good news and good luck with getting those bills paid off!