"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, October 29, 2007

I could have made this shorter, but then it is my blog...

Who knows what today is? Oh, don't ask why, I'm seriously wondering what day it is, and what I'm doing at work. Surely, it can't be Monday. I swear, I'm not as young as I think I am sometimes. Friday I slept 4 hours, Saturday, about 3, and I'm all settled in for another 60 hour work week, while trying to keep up after the pets, and work out. How the hell did I get here? Let me tell you.

Friday after working til 10:15, I met Kat and a couple peeps at the Beir Haus for the Halloween Party. The boy ended up coming down. To my extreme excitement! I felt so much better once he was there. I can say it til I am blue in the face, but that boy makes me so happy. It's like we are the only ones in a room when we're together. Ugh. Sheer joy he brings me. So, I "picked him up", per say, and took him home. That was a lot of fun, I kept telling him that I had a guy I was in love with, and that it couldn't go any further than a one nighter, and I kinda felt bad cus the guy I love really loves me back. Actually, the whole thing was kinda hot....It resulted in a marathon ahem, and not the running kind. Wink wink.

We were up until 4 am, and got up Saturday around 10. I got up and got us breakfast that turned into lunch, cus it was 11 by the time I got out of the house. He was really appreciative that I got food for him. To me, it's nothin! I had my hair appointment, and we needed costumes, so he dropped me off and I let him take my car (say what?) to look for his costume. I walked into the shop and Angie (hair girl) said "is that the new boyfriend I heard all about?" Someone stole my thunder. But I still got to tell the rest of the girls and clients all about him. I was absolutely giddy with excitement. He texted me later that he found his samurai (tee hee) costume and asked how I was coming along. I said I looked like I was warding off aliens. He came back, and he sat patiently and waited for me and read the paper. Seriously? He makes me wanna melt! Angie asked if I remembered our talk my last appointment about how karma would catch up with me for being so good to others, and I was going to meet the right guy. I said yes, I sure do!

I wound up being Betty Flintstone mkay? There aren't many choices that don't scream slut in the way of womens costumes. We headed out for our 2 hour trek to Ohio State in the rain. We just decided to get dressed at the party. On the way, the boy got pulled over in my car, for speeding. Isn't that some crap? 86 in a 65. Yea, he was pretty mad. I didn't know what to do...but it was a good way to see how he deals with anger. I'm happy to report that after a little cooling off period, he was fine and dandy, said he was the one who was speeding. I just let him have his space. You know, boys and their space!

I was the only girl there, for 99% of the time. But regardless, I had a lot of fun. It took forever to dress the boy in his costume, he had a billion and one ties. And can I just say, his ass looked HOT! Seriously, the pants really showed it off. Even the men couldn't keep their eyes off it. That's right, it's all my junk! There was beer pong, and suprisingly, this time I did much better. And I went and had to throw the game, because the boys friend bet this girl that if they won he could kiss her. I was all about it, but I still think I could've won. I rock like that.

About 1:30 am, someone gets the bright idea to go to a party. "leeeeeeeeeets gooooo its 4 blocks" We're all down for it cus it's only 30 degrees, and 1:30, and why the fuck not. Like 30 minutes later, no shit, we arrive at said frat house, where there isn't a single person still partying. The keg was tapped out. What...the fuck? We walked all that way in the freezing cold for nothing. And, I had to pee. One of the boys friends had to go too, and said he'd find us an alley to pee in. Shit yea, when you gotta go in the cold? In a skirt? You can't wait. So we snuck back between some frat houses, and the boy and his friend peed on the wall, and I myself was crouched behind him, "please don't fart on me" I said. Appreciated for my love of public urination=awesome.

The boy flirted with me all night. I might've flirted back. We went for pizza at about 3:30, which was another 15 minute walk. The service pretty much sucked, and I think we were both really tired so we went outside to smooch and smoke. Shut up. We crashed out at his friends, on an air mattress with about 6 other guys in the room on random chairs, and floors. I took off the boys shoes cus he was laying down with them on. We woke up around 7:30-8 after crashing at 5 am. The mattress was deflated, and it felt like there were nails in my hip and shoulder bones. One good thing about being fat is, I wouldn't have felt the floor thru my fat.

Sunday, after getting up at the butt-crack of dawn, we all went to breakfast. Waited 30 minutes for water. Longer to place our order. Even longer to get our food. And they never brought us a check, they had to write down what we had. Then, when the boys went to pay, they didn't have change. His one friend said "My order was 6.62, I paid with 2 fives, and I got 26 cents back". They didn't have change. Well, theres one way to make money. I guess they did that to everyone who paid. But the potatos were good. Oh yea, I ate at carb heaven this weekend. The beer, pizza, and potatos. I'm in for a treat to work it all off for my Thursday weigh in!

We finally left Columbus around 1:30. I couldn't wait to get the hell home, and have a fucking nap. My eyes felt like they were going to explode. Literally. I put some cooling gel on them, and the boy had some tylenol 3 or something like that. My eyes didn't hurt thats for sure!

Later, we rented movies, and went grocery shopping. He said "uh oh, we're grocery shopping, I think I'm getting cold feet". Then he said he was kidding. It was fun to do that, and then cook with him. I hate cooking too. Another little thing, is when we were at Giant Eagle, this song came on that he put on the CD he burned me. I think it's Lionel Richie or something obscure like that, but when it came on I smiled to myself. It's little "signs" like that that I really dig, that let me know I'm on the right path!

When he left, around 11 last night, of course, I had to try hard to fight back the tears until he left. Then I bawled. The usual. I called my Momma. I texted him that I wasn't trying to guilt trip him, but leaving me is almost cruel. He basically said back that in time that we wouldnt have to deal with this much longer. It's not easy for him either I spose. We're so in love. It's so amazing. And I totally deserve it! Yay!

Sidenote: He also invited me over to spend the HOLIDAYS with him! Seriously! Adorable!

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Kentucky Girl said...

Aww...y'all are so cute...sharing pee and all. LOL

I love reading your posts about the boy. Young love is so cute. Squee! LOL