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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pulled Something. Feeling Old...

So, I started the new/old job last night. How was it? Like riding a bike. Seriously. I got in and my boss was like, do you remember your login? I said uh, no! (it's been over a year) So, she gives me a password, and has me go right into a job, which was medicaid forms. How long did it take me to remember? Like, a minute. No shit. Within an hour, she had me verifying the jobs again, which is what I did when I quit. I made $37 and some change for 4.5 hours which still equals out to more than I made hourly at the po po, so that makes me happy. Once I get back up to speed, I'll be at 9-10 an hour, and 12 on a good day.

So, now for the fun stuff. Who is still working at the old job from my past? Well, you'll remember (or not) this was where I met my ex-fiance, CP. So one girl had to ask me if I got married. Another lady said I looked really good, that I lost a lot of weight. Thank you, thank you. The guy with tourettes is there. Still steadily screaming out of nowhere, in his private room. Cane guy, who randomly shits his pants, and laughs about it. Walks around in his socks, and sleeps in the lobby on the floor. And there are normal folk, that I talked to that are still there, which is awesome, and another girl came back too.

I'm pretty tired this morning. I am also, in severe pain. I have no idea what started the pain between my shoulders/neck, but I suspect it had something to do with moving my friend, when really, that's the work men should do. I was a little sore, and I have some bruises but nothing major. Last night, a little worse. This morning? Unbearable. I got up to work out (cus I'm awesome!) and when I was doing abs, it popped. Yea, I'm hurting. Can't move my head much. My feet hurt too as it's only day two of wearing real live shoes and not sandals.

On the other hand, I am pawning off getting my reports today, which requires me to push a cart downstairs and lift them. And my boss has the Senior VP (my Vp's bosses, boss) using me as her secretary cus hers is on vacation. It's suppose to be my boss but she pawned her off on me. I'm suppose to be honored or something, but I feel ripped off. I have 2 VP's out of the office, after organizing their two regional meetings, and I'm behind on my month-end reports/awards/newsletters as it is. Plus, I'm suppose to be working on a special project to go over with my boss, which I havn't even had time for!

And I get to work tonight again. I forgot how much I enjoyed the hour at home before going to bed. Eyes on the prize missy. Debt-free living! Eyes on the prize!

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Slick said...

Geeez Mon, you wore me out just by reading about all this work!

Think you could've slept wrong to hurt your neck??