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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The One Where I Got Screwed....

When I got home after tanning, I worked out. Bleh. I'm forcing myself this week. I'm just not feelin' it. Then I made dinner for me and the brother. CP was there, and gave me the $ he made with his paystub, minus money he got cigarettes for my brother. It's the final countdown. He'll be gone after Monday. Seriously, I dunno how I'm going to afford things on my own. I don't even want to think about it. I'm not, however, going to get behind on my bills so my brother can be happy. I don't care how rude that seems. I've struggled too hard to get to a point where I can pay the bills. He's been off work 2 months. How much longer will it BEEEEEEEE? CP is selling his car now I guess. Just as well, I'm sure the brother wouldn't get around to paying me for it anyways.

Speaking of work and all that BS. A girl left me a msg from the police station last night. Apparently, she is quitting in September, and they are going to rotate the shifts, and havn't hired anyone yet to fill the last girls place (the one they let go for getting it on with officers). So I'm like, fuck this, I got online to look for a new PT job. There has to be something out there.Ummm, there, in black and white is my job posted:

Local police department is searching for a part-time data entry clerk to work in the evenings and on weekends. Job duties include sorting and distributing mail, processing tickets, entering data in records management software and processing reports. Candidates must have flexible schedule and be willing to work in the evenings, weekends and holidays.

Firstly, note how "evenings" so clearly translates to MIDNIGHTS. Which is what they told me when I got hired. Evenings. Yet, I'm working midnights. Guess how much the pay is offered for this job? $9.90. Yes, you saw that right. Guess how much I make? Guess how much the other 2 girls make? $8.00! How the fuck did we get the royal screw? That right there is reason enough to quit that damn place! Almost $2 an hour more? What? I called my coworker today, and told her to look the damn job up. She printed it out, and is taking it to the chief. I said you tell him I make $8 if he tries to say it's because it is a different temp service than you are at. (I'm at one that is posting the job, the other two girls are at another)

Shady motherfuckers. Plain and simple. I'm about to high-tail it to the border, and see how much I can make at Taco Bell. Bet I could at least pull down $8.50. Damn. I still blame the assholes who let me go at my last job for all of this. I was sitting pretty until then. I propose someone starts a fund for me. I dunno what we'll call it, but come up with a catchy name, and I'll accept all donations. Anyone......?

I got a call from someone last night, and I went over for a visit. I could tell CP was hurt, but not mad. Then, I felt like I was cheating on him. Why? Why do I care? Seriously? God certainly gave me a conscience. We're not togetherrrrrrrrrrrr! Besides that, I had a good time. I scared the shit out of him talking about how in the future they would get men to have babies. Men are so afraid of things that involve their penises other than sex. I visited for a couple hours. We watched Rob & Big. He made fun of me for partying out on Saturday. Hater.

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