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Saturday, July 07, 2007

So, To Me, It's Still Friday...

I didn't post today at a decent hour. To me, it's still decent. Seeing how I have 6 more hours of glorious work to do. We had a meeting at the day job earlier this week, wherein the following to-do items were outlined in order of importance:

1) Breakfast/coffee
2) Email/Voicemail
3) Update Planner (the company lives and dies by the Franklin Planner)
4) VP mail bins
5) Ask VP's if they need anything
6) Daily reports

Of course, there is about 15 other things you have to do in a day, but these are the staples. And, yes, my boss wrote that breakfast/coffee was the #1 priority. See why I love my job? We spend the first half hour eating and drinking.

We have monthly newsletters that we have to do for each of our VP's, it tells what employees are super-duper that month or whatever. When you finish your newsletter, you give it to one of the other secretaries to proofread. So, when the boss asked who proofreads their own, who didn't raise their hand? Me. Why? When called upon, I answered "someone else is doing it". This is what I believe they call, passing the buck. She appreciated my honesty. It's all about the honesty. I'm also the only one who raised her hand when asked whochecked her work for her, like she asks us to each month. So, eat that bitches.

Guesswhat guesswhat? Big Brother started. I really don't know another show besides Lost, that fills me with such joy. Oh, wait...Extreme makeover does too, and that started last week. I think I need to get out more. Anyway - Big Brother is gonna rock because there are enemies. I love to watch people fight on TV. And getting to vote what some guy has to do in the house? And, free Big Brother live feeds on Showtime? Heaven.


sir jorge said...

I've tried watching lost so many times, and it just didn't work for me.

oh and thanks for your comment on my site.

I have added you to my list of rss feeds...

EC said...

I LOVE BB, I have watched it every summer, and you're right, it fills me with such joy! not to mention that I don't have to wait 1 full week to watch it... that is the biggest thrill! Sun, Tues, Thursday - LOVE IT! And, yes, I did order Showtime to watch just BB8, lol

Mon said...

Sir Jorge:
the secret to lost is you have to be obsessed with it like me. Then you can truely enjoy that most of it has to do with other episodes, and there are hidden codes, and well, you see, like I said. Obsessed.

Me too, me too, the fact that it's on three times a week makes it that much more exciting to me! Hopefully you'll keep us all up-to-date on the showtime feeds!