"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

As if Another Reason was Needed....

I think since my dad was a plumber, I have some sort of connection to breaking things that require a plumber to fix. I bring it up a lot, but you remember how 2 summers ago I flooded my upstairs by leaving my bath run forever and ignoring it. Well for two years I've had a slow drain. I bet if my drain worked right, it never would have even flooded to begin with. I've paid a lot of money in drano, and had the plumber out a couple times and he snaked the drain. I have to shower in 3 inches of water. And it's impossible to keep clean when it stands like that.

Pissed off at life, I decide to shove a dowel rod down my pipe to "unclog" the drain. Boom! Boom! Boom! I gave it a good three thrusts, and viola! The water went right down. I fixed it! Shit, I fixed it alright! I got a shower after that, and the water went right down the drain! Magical. Not until Sunday, did I realize what I'd done. I took the trash into the garage and there, my ceiling was falling off in chunks. Nice. The floor was wet, obviously, I jacked something up. When CP got home he opened the access door in the ceiling, and said I broke the S pipe or something like that coming out of the tub. I don't remember what he called it, but it was technical. All the insulation is soaked. There is a big sag in the ceiling, and chunks of it had fallen off. Now, it's open so it'll drain right onto the garage floor. I said while you have the pipes open, see what's stuck in there clogging my drain!

It was a fucking surfboard. Lilo and Stitch to be exact. Covered in about 2 years worth of freaking slimy, disgusting soapy hair! Some dumbass kid dropped a surfboard in the drain. Reason 897,978,076 not to have kids. They drive you fucking insane even when they aren't yours, by sticking things where they don't belong. Oh, is that a rock? Let's stick it up my nose. A surfboard? The drain is a good place for that.

Happy Independance Day. I think I'm going out for a drink tonight. I deserve it. I'm off work tomorrow, and I might just spend my day "off" cleaning my brother's place. If anyone would like to nominate me for some sort of a sister of the year award, feel free. I have my eye on this nice tanzenite and diamond ring at work...

P.S. CP got a job working third shift, so he has redeemed his place to stay. Dun dun dunnnnn....

P.S.S. I "up'd" my workout to a 3 mile walk in an hour, vs. 2.2 in 40 minutes like usual. Then still did my weights and abs to total 1 hr 40 minutes. Take THAT body! I'm tricking you!


Frances said...

My shower drain was slow like that. I used a long crochet hook and got out a gross soapy pile of hair sans surfboard. Ew.
Glad you have tomorrow off - hope you get that ring.
Take care,

EC said...

LOL - Hey, well at least you learned never to do that again to your drain :)

Great job on walking!! That is a whole lot of exercise - eek!

And yes, in response to your comment, I AM a sagitarius, lol. It all makes sense now!!!

Kentucky Girl said...

I always have EXPENSIVE things happen to me. Always. Like nothing at all that ever happens at my house costs less than a grand. I'm NOT made of money for fuck's sake. Ugh.

WTG on tricking your body. :D I love doing that. I tricked mine into walking up some impossible hills by going on a walk at 9pm when it is nice and cool. SWEET!