"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happiness Is A List...

Stuff that can potentially cheer me up. In no particular order Take notes:

A Phone call from Someone. Followed by a visit. Always gets the blood movin.

Someone to go to the balloon festival with.

Kat's work party on Saturday (only if I get to have a hayride in the parking lot)

The premiere of "The two Corey's" on A&E. T-t-t-talkin' 'bout my generation. Haim was my fave. Who was yours?

Speaking of TV, the preview special of "Flipping Out" did make me laugh, though did not break unhappiness. Being thankful I'm not that insane did make me happy. Being depressed that he can can employ someone specially to take his pets to the vet makes me sick.

Being able to afford to go see Edwin at the beach with my sister in September. A.K.A something to look forward to. Currently tickets cost $252 lowest price.

A bottle of Rodeo Red, or American Red. All. To. Myself. No, you can't even have a glass. Step off.

Someone to drive me to get said wine in Amish Country.

Two grand.

A neeeeeeeew car! (as announced by that Price is Right announcer guy)

Buying myself some jewelry. On my work account. Even though this would cost me in the long run. Sometimes temporary happiness is nice too.

A trip to Australia. Even if I'm not beach-ready. I would be in another world.

Meeting the man of my dreams.

Not doubting friendships.

Finding out my ex husband is getting divorced, and it breaks his heart.

Finding out my ex BF has something that'll make his dick fall off, that he didn't contract until AFTER we broke up, so I don't have it too.

Getting a sizeable raise. I'd settle for $2/hr. I don't ask for much.

Punching CP in the nads

A magic wand that would make all my worries go away

If someone would invent Re-Pet, like in that movie The Sixth Day.

Someone married my brother

Liposuction/breast lift/laser wrinkles away

Affording to get my hair done

Affording yogurt so my nails stop breaking. Two down.

Living my life, and not being judged for my decisions.

Being home in bed. Sleeping.

If someone would work out for me. I don't wanna.

Not having realized, that I lost 21 not 24 lbs. This knocked me down a few more notches. Math is hard.

Not having missed CP's call last night. Even if it was a good thing. My heart still aches.

If it was time to bring Lost back on TV. I'd settle for the DVD to freaking come out. I watched the finale for the billionth time. I forgot Locke killed Naomi. He's nuts.

*Feeling loved.

*By someone without fur.


Landing a sweet parking space at work. Which is in the works.

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Janet said...

Woah! Why does it cost so much to see Edwin?

I am SO WITH YOU on the Two Coreys premiere. Even funnier, Feldman is apparently being touted as the "stable" one. Whatever. I also liked Haim in an adorable brother sort of way. I never cared for Feldman. I always believed Feldman was the one that corrupted Haim, not the other way around. I also think I've thought about this entirely too much.:)