"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goings On...

This is the ring I bought a while back. This is as good as it gets on the picture. P.S. Those are my nails, I know their awesome! I work hard on them!
They closed my town off, due to the Canal Days festival. Not much happens in my one-horse town (as my sister would call it) so they make a big ta-do about it. Now, it will take me about 45 minutes to get home from work. Forty-five. I just love getting home later than usual. I am having a get-together on Saturday for the fireworks. Where there will be me, a fire, and beer. What more does one need? Oh, and some friends. Yea. Particularly a friend from high school who will be in town from Florida. I havn't seen her for a few years!

When I got home yesterday my dog didn't bark for me to let her out of the laundry room. I got a sick feeling that she was dead. She is 11 you know. I had to go in there and find her IN one of the litterboxes, all the litter dug to one side. She isn't a digger. She's a shih-tzu. My only guess is she was digging for doggie gold a.k.a cat shits. Unlucky for her, I clean the boxes out every day so she was unsuccessful in her efforts. This is something she use to do years ago. MMMM kitty turds!

I returned a bracelet at work that I really liked. I didn't like the fact that it broke three times. The links broke and the charm came off. I had it in the repair shop more than I had it to wear. So they took it back. This means they credited the money to my account. I got a pair of earrings like the ones I threw away (makes me sick to even say that) only their smaller (and cheaper) but I happen to like them more. They are the cutest. I'd link the picture but I really don't feel like downloading it. I'm that lazy.

I did the unspeakable this morning. I weighed myself. I am normally against weigh-ins but I figured since I could tell such a difference in my clothes, why not. I lost 21 lbs. Before you think this is fantastic, it's been 5 months. And, in 2.5 months since I weighed-in and had my body fat measured, I've lost a whopping 2 lbs. I work out 5 days a week. For over an hour. Sometimes 6 days. I barely eat carbs. Never drink pop. 99% of what I eat is fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and eggs. I eat often thru the day too. I mean, I have been checking myself out in my underwer a lot latley. I don't look that bad naked. I dunno what the fuck is up with the scale. I got on and off 7 times. I put 30 lbs of weights on to make sure it was right too. *sigh* I decided in order to get to the 30 lb mark, I'm rewarding myself with a ring I've been wanting. 9 more to go. It might not be so bad if I weren't the weight that I am. I mean, it's bad. But, I will not reveal that until I am at a comfortable weight. That's 48 lbs from now. (When I buy myself a 3 stone princess cut diamond ring!) Wish me luck!

CP is home from detox. He has court tomorrow morning. My house has been pretty clean and my brother's helped out more. He must feel sorry for me. I'll take pity if it gets the dishes done. Shit.

Today I received a lot of praise at the day job. I have only been working on this report for days. I had to rank each manager and assistant manager by their sales standards, then add sales points, and rank the top and bottom 5, break out into districts. Then add conditional formatting so different ranges of numbers in each of the 14 categories were different colors. You may feel my pain if I tell you the file had 2,125 employees on it. It wasn't that it was hard. It just took for. ev. errrrrr.

Shit, I gotta go and call the landlady. I have only had that there leaky tub drain for ohh, about 3 weeks now? It's attracting centipedes. Their all over the wall near where the leak is. And, the fucking bee's are back too.


EC said...

FABULOUS ring!! And nails too ;)

That is a great weight loss! You have to remember you are building muscle by working out, so you've probably lost ton more in inches and so forth. I wouldn't beat yourself up about it - that averages out to a pound a week - which is exactly right!! You're doing a fantastic job!!

Kentucky Girl said...

Nice ring!

I lost my 23 lbs eating McDonald's, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr. :D What? I'm weird. I eat all the healthy shit and get fat...the minute I start eating fast food, it all drops. I KNOW. WTF? I do exercise a lot more though. I think that is what makes it. :D