"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, July 30, 2007

Discount Shopping and Fun at Work.....

I went to Save a Lot this weekend for groceries. Boy was that an experience.It was somewhat demeaning for me, as I have
never gone discount grocery shopping. First thing when I got there, was I noticed all the amish folk had their horses tied
up to the light poles. If the amish are there, it can't be that bad. Right? Well, you actually had to pay for a cart. I had
no idea how to work such a contraption, and I was pretty embaressed, so I left and went to another one closer to home,
where the carts were free. Bags however, cost three cents a peice. I didn't opt to purchase any bags. I'm a brand snob, so shopping where I didn't have a clue what things were, was pretty hard for me. I mean, it wasn't "Sam's choice", or "Valu-Time" generic, it was even more generic than that. I got an entire cart full of stuff for $45 bucks. The boy eats a lot of food people. I got back around 2pm on Saturday, and by the time I got up at noon on Sunday, he ate half a pkg of
White Walls (oreos), a box of Cheese Bits (cheeze its), two cans of pasta O's with meatballs, half a box of croc-o-crunch (cap'n crunch peanut butter), some cheese, three frozen burritos, and a frozen pizza. I didn't say anything. But I'm glad I didn't spend the money all at once. Seriously, boys are expensive. I don't recommend you get one.
I went to a party at kat's work this wknd. It was for the Hall of Fame something or other. The balloon launch was canceled. Which made me happy cus I didn't have anyone to go with me. There was a party going on next to kat's work at a church. Those lame-o's were loud with their "macarena" and "chicken dance" songs. We probably made them all pray for us with our
loud drunken shenanigans in the parking lot. What's the best part about parties at work? Drawing on the white board. I bet my Momma would be proud. I'm 31.

And, then we all took turns pretending we had penises. Well, the boys pretended theirs were that big.

While configuring my total fucked-ness in the cash flow department, I came across an amazing discovery. I get paid three times in August. I will pause, while you all rejoice for me......Ok, this is the reason like, 10 months out of the year I get paid less than my friends who make the same hourly wage as me. They get paid bi-monthly. They bring a little more home
each pay than I do. But then like, twice a year (thank GOD one time happens to be AUGUST!) I get an entire extra paycheck. Eat that! I might not be sailing up the river. Plus, I am working each weekend in August which blows, but the money will be nice.

Now, I'll be able to afford to take off 3 days UNPAID from the day job to visit my sister in Virginia. I suppose I'm going to get a one way ticket, cus she said she'd drive me back to Ohio and pick up my mom. Kinda like wife swap. Mom can see how it is to live with the boy and I'll live with the girl. Only, we won't be winning no fifty grand at the end. Me and my sister are gonna see EDWIN on the BEACH! This will be my first trip to see him with another true fan. We might get arrested or something. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Momma hopes there was an eraser on that board at work.!!!! Whoever was the female model better do some squeezing exercises.

EC said...

HA! Yep, 30 year olds measuring their penis size on a board, lol... totally immature, but totally a riot!

The discount shopping doesn't sound as much fun though :( My sister used to do it, but call me a snob, because I've never been able to. I ate a few cans of her discount beans once and they were so horrible, that I couldn't do a full shopping. I don't necessarily buy name brands, but Wal-mart is about as discount as I'll go. It sucks too, it sounds like you got a lot of food for $45!!

Mon said...

they erased it before we left for the night.

Yea, thats what happens when you drink. but its good laughs!
No, it isnt fun, it sucks. I guess it could be worse, I could have no food. But, I can't enjoy the stuff I bought. It's just .....ew!