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Thursday, May 31, 2007

It Was a Mission Statement...

So, all morning, I've been repeating that part of Jerry Maguire in my head. "It was a mission statement". Jerry was fired for his mission statement. I'd be fired if I didn't learn ours. I guess it's kind of cool, that I work for a company that believes that much in their mission. I guess. They actually had a song written and recorded about the mission statement. We had to listen to it a billion times. The trainer said when they wrote the mission statement in 2005 the company shut down for two days to train people on it. All they played was that song over the speakers. Ugh. I also learned that the building I work in is 333,000 square feet. And we bought another building that is 100 some square feet next door. We also employ about 16,000 people. 2,000 are in my office. 800 of those, work in collections. People. Pay. Your. Bills. That is insane!

I want to take a product knowledge class, to learn about jewelry. That would be fun. And, some refresher's on Excel. I use it every day but my boss wants me to be her back-up so I need to re-learn the hard stuff. Like pivot tables. I've learned that about 10 times and never used them. Then, I'm going to be a certified diamontologist. I think I have to pay for that one because you get this snazzy plaque.

So, the new girl at work that started in April? "She's no longer with the company." I think she was let go. I am not sure, but she liked to stir the pot. One thing you learn in corporate America, is you let the pot simmer. Don't boil it, don't stir it. She was sick one day, then she had a one on one with the boss. That day she went home "sick" yet left all her stuff out on her desk. Then she was "out" for 7 days. Now she's gone. They told us yesterday. So there is a job opening as my neighbor. Any takers? Only..there is also a temp working for the girl on maternity leave who applied for it, so I'm 99% sure she'll get it. She already knows the job.

I went with Kat to see my brother last night. Still in the hopsital. He has to have surgery again. He is having the plate in his leg removed. And, a plastic surgeon is going to then work on his leg. Yea, it's that bad. He is getting a skin graft. I dunno about that boy. We are all worried, and sick over how he doesn't care for himself. So, he's going to be in there for a long time.

My new favorite snack, is light frozen cool whip, and sliced strawberries. Omg. It's 60 calories, and it's the freaking bomb. Almost as good as ice cream.


EC said...

Huge company huh? wow - I've never seen that many people in any building I worked at, lol.

Oh and I'm totally with you with the strawberries and cool whip -YUM!!

Mon said...

Heck yea! I work at one of the top places to work in Ohio. Change from worrying that the company was going under, to a growing, structured company. It's a nice change I suppose.