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Friday, May 11, 2007

Save the drama for your ex-wife...

You know, I like to live my life without drama. I think I've had enough to last a lifetime for 50 people if you wrap up the 31 years I've been on this earth. I'm pretty much over it. I use to live for it. Now, I'll just cut you out of my life.

It seems that now, I am involved in some sort of bullshit, and I don't even know how.
You know, CP came to work and brought me flowers, then he made me dinner. And the next day he took my dog to the vet for me. He stayed at my house Tuesday, and Wednesday. Therefore he wasn't at "home" with his ex wife. It's not the first time he has stayed with me, he usually will stay once a week. So what, we're both adults, and we do what we want to do.

Yesterday, starting at 8 a.m. I got phone calls from his ex wife. Have I heard from him, they are worried. If I know where he is can I call? Mind you, I'm working 8-5 like most people do, and not going to risk getting in trouble to answer her freaking phone calls. She called about 4 times. I listened to the messages around 2:00 because I couldn't understand why she keeps calling
me when I am at work.

The last message she left, she said there are some "things" I should know about CP. Like that no one has heard from him, he "disappears for days" and that she isn't suppose to tell me this, but she is tired of keeping his secrets, he has a girlfriend (insert girlfriend's name here) and she insert girlfriends name here) is worried about him too. She went on to say other things, but their irrelevant to me as well. For some reason she doesn't like me, and blames me for all the wrong in CP's life. Funny, how I'm the one who tried to help him and I get the blame. She can stick that right up her ass! I wish I had that sort of power over the world, to make them do evil things.

At this point, I'm thinking, who the fuck does she think she is calling me like she is in high school, trying to start drama. While I didn't know he had a "girlfriend", I did know that he was talking to someone, and the point is, that if I cared, I wouldn't have gone out with other people too. Obviously, she was just trying to hurt me in some way, and for what, I have no clue. I never did anything to her. Or to CP. And I didn't plan on calling her for anything. She's just trying to hurt me for some reason, and she can be a bitch to whomever she wants, except me!

I talked to CP about it, and apparently, the girl he is talking to is friends with the ex wife. Now, isn't this crystal clear? I'm obviously the whore for seeing him. He's not the dog for seeing us both. Nevermind the fact that if she knew anything, she'd know that we are 'friends' and not dating.

First of all, you see the trouble with trying to get people to move on before they are ready to. This is why I'm still single. I don't want to get a phone call some day telling someone has a girlfriend. It's not worth it. I told CP he needed to get his life together, and move out of there. Not just for me, but whomever he tried to be with, it wouldn't work out. She'd be meddling in his life. And I don't know who she thinks she is to point fingers, she's living in sin with his own
brother. Which is so much more classy than my being friends with CP. Skank.

I thought it was resolved. I told him to just leave me out of it. I don't want to be a part of the bullshit, because I have my own life to worry about. Then, I get a phone call from her work number at 10:30 today. Let me state one thing. You don't want to mess with this bitch, because I think I invented the word. I may have hung up my gloves long ago, but they still fit. mm...yea, I work at the police station.

There is a thing called, telephone harassment. I enter these reports into the computer all the time. I know they range from 1 call a day, to 100 calls an hour, and any time you are feeling harassed you are entitled to file a report, and have an officer contact the person. Then, there is a record should the situation escalate, and your ass is covered. I saved the phone numbers. I saved the voicemails. And, I'll keep doing it too.

If she wants to play games, I'll play games. The only thing is I'm on the right side of the law. I happen to work this weekend (midnights - BLEH!) and I'm going to talk to an officer about her harassing me. I think she has messed with the wrong girl. You don't have to like me, for whatever lame ass reason you have, but you do have to abide by the law. I'll simply make sure that happens.

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EC said...

First of all - isn't she the EX wife? Why the hell does she care what he does? Second of all, if you are okay with whoever he is seeing then you should probably just tell her so and end the phone calls Third of all, lol, I would love to see the look on her face if you file harrassment charges!!