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Friday, May 18, 2007

Road Trip...

I had no time to update yesterday, because I was running around on my lunch break. I had to mail my Momma's package. Jewel's better ship well. I had it insured. Just in case. I also had to buy a pair of shorts for the concert this weekend. I have no jean shorts. I also never try clothes on, because I hate it. It's too depressing, but this time I did because I can't afford
to have yet another peice of clothing I can't wear. Good thing I did, because I went DOWN A SIZE. Two if you count a skirt, one for the shorts.

I dunno how long I've worked out in the past and gotten nowhere. I actually shrunk. Me. It was only the best feeling ever. I only want to go down 2 more sizes, so that will be nothing. I do not aspire to be Paris Hilton thin. I really don't think people that thin are happy. Once in a while, you need a freaking Oreo! Or five. Deprivation is no way to live.

So, you know how I'm going to the festival/concert this weeekend, right? It's a road trip, a two hour drive to Columbus. We planned to camp right across the way in Bethie's camper. Turns out, they changed their minds at the camping place, and aren't allowing people to camp there. I guess us youngin's are probably gonna cause too much trouble with our loud heavy metal muzak, and our tattoos, and peircings. Damn fool kids!

Basically, this left us homeless for the night. All the hotels close by were booked, but Bethie was able to find us a room at a hotel that's $69 a night. All 6 of us are staying in the room. I think this is going to be quite an adventure, and I'm always down for that. I just wonder what we're gonna be getting into, for $69 a night. I'm taking my own blankets, and pillow, and it'll be all good.

So far it's not too bad having a roomate. I miss walking around naked though. I'll get over it. I like my space, and he went downstairs to do his own thing last night, so that put me a little at ease. I got my workout done, my cleaning done, and watched some LOST answers! I also got my $20. He wants to pay me $20 a day to stay with me, so whatever. I'll save it up and then put it in the bank each week. Whatever works for him, where I get paid, works for me. M'kay?

I'm almost out of work for the day. It's been hectic, but you know what? Two of my VP's are on vacation next week, and the other will be traveling, so guess what? I get a vacation too, OK?

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Rachel said...

Concerts and road trips. Sounds like fun. I never much liked having a roommate so you're a braver soul than I. Congrats on dropping 2 sizes! That's awesome! I know it's so hard. I also know about not being able to afford new clothes. I am so there right now.