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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Suprises are Nice...

Yesterday I went to have lunch with my friend Katie at Panera. Lunch dates are fun. They make the day go faster. Plus, Panera was pretty damn good. When I got back, I saw CP pulling out of my parking lot at work. I thought, hmmm, guess he was here to meet me and I wasn't there. I parked in a VP parking spot, and went out the main entrance so I wouldn't have seen him.

Turns out, when I got back to my desk, he had dropped off flowers for me. One of my coworkers picked them up for me. Then of course, there was a buzz about who they were from, and then I had to explain the whole dynamic of the ex. One girl said she thought my ex just got married. I said, this is my ex fiance. I've been divorced almost 8 years. She was shocked I had been engaged since then. I said, I've dated plenty of people between then and now. She told me she thought I was innocent, and sang me "Oops I did it again". I asked how that makes me not innocent. Don't people date anymore? If not, I feel bad for them. I suppose we aren't allowed to receive deliveries. But, I got mine, so it's all good.

When I got home, CP had come over, and made me dinner. My favorite...meatloaf. Don't ask me why that's my favorite when I don't like meat that much, but it is. It's my craving when I get a craving. We had mac and cheese, meatloaf, green beans, and strawberry shortcake. He also made Kahlua mudslides. Mmmmm. It was my lucky day. I also got my workout in, which was a plus. I told him he wasn't so bad after all. He thinks I'm being mean, but that is because he expects so much from me as a reaction. We talked about that. Who knows what will happen.

He also took my doggie to the vet for me. Which was super nice. I guess she has to have her tooth pulled. So I was right. Old dogs are like old cars, they have a lot of the same problems over and over, and after a while you can decide what needs to be done before going to the vet. She goes next Tuesday. My poor little punkin head. Her second tooth in a year.


Ummmmm, ok, so holey shit.....LOCKE IS DEAD???? What the flip is that all about? I will say, I had a sneaking suspicion that Jacob wasn't real. I think it's Ben's alter-ego or something like that. Remember how one of the things they studied in the Dharma initiative was telekenesis? I think he did all that stuff at "Jacob's house" on his own. But then, there are several postings on fansites, of an "eye" that looks nothing like Ben, or Locke's. I'm going to have to go back and watch that scene again. How awesome. Lost fans rock.

What is up with that guy, young Ben ran into in the woods? How is he exactly the same age after all these years? Is he dead? Is Ben dead? How twisted is it that Ben killed the entire Dharma initiative? I really don't get the reasoning behind it all yet, but it is certainly getting exciting. People complain a lot about not knowing the answers, but if you did, what would be the point of watching it? Where is the fun in that?

When Ben saw his dead Mom in the woods, the guy seemed suprised. The guy said Ben had to be patient to join him. He had to kill his dad.....like they made Locke do. Hostiles? Danielle talked about the hostiles too. Remember the black smoke in the first season? How she said that signaled they were coming? I know that I have to go back and watch the first two seasons again after this one is over. Because I want to remember who all had those "work man" jumpsuits on in flashbacks. Who else was with the Dharma?

When the others gassed everyone but Kate, Sayid, and Locke and left the camp, did they really do what Ben did to the Dharma? Are they now dead? I dunno, but this was an exciting episode. I watched Locke get shot twice. I just couldn't believe it. Of course, they didn't show him die. And we know how he heals fast. And, as usual, is the best for Lost hidden items!! this site has the best screen caps. It shows the powder Locke picked up outside Jacob's house. It is like the way some put salt around their house to ward off spirits. Maybe it keeps Jacob trapped?

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