"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Tooth Of the Matter....

I thought I was pretty bad ass yesterday, and walked 3 miles again. So, with Sunday, I walked 1 mile short of what I walk usually in a week...in two days. I'm pretty proud of myself, but my body freaking hurts today. Mainly the corns on my toes. I'm not sure if their corns, but they aren't blisters, and they fucking hurt.

Well, I've got a sick dog. Again. She threw up twice on Saturday, and upon inspection, I've discovered a disgusting hole in her cheek on the inside of her mouth above a tooth. It oozes smelly bloody crap. Similar to the one under her eye, the last time she had to have a tooth pulled. My poor dog. If she gets this tooth pulled, she will have her tiny front teeth, and her canines on the top. That's it. It's certainly a bitch getting old for a dog. As if she didn't have enough chronic issues, now she has to start losing all her teeth! She turned 11 last month. Let the good times roll. Cha ching! One more thing to charge!

CP is taking her to the vet for me on Thursday, since I get no time off of work, and I'll have to go in late when they schedule her extraction. It's awful nice of him, but he's all about what I'm going to do to repay him. I think one could go to jail for doing those sorts of things for money. Or well, in this case, favors. I dunno what type of girl he takes me for. Men are so stupid.

I really want to quit my second job. I only have $400 left on a credit card to pay off. Oh, I still have 2 other cards with balances, but I wanted to pay one off, and close the account before quitting a second job. I'm not even sure that the $117 I'm bringing home from this job a weekend is even worth it. It's not a lot of money. I mean it helps with gas, and food....but not really with paying off bills. I need to work somewhere with more hours I think. And weekends off. It's not like I am destitute, but I like to have fun once in a while, and working one job only allows me to pay my bills and kickit once in a while. I like to kickit more often. I sure miss the days of being a salaried employee. Looking for ways to spend money.

And while losing weight is certainly a good thing, I can't afford to buy myself new clothes, so I'm walking around with saggy butt pants, that are way too long now, and I have to pull up to my boobs to keep from falling down and making me look even fatter. Speaking of boobs, now those and my stomach feel weird without as much fat in them. I think I'm going to be one of those women who has to have surgery cus her skin wont shrink with her. I could go on complaining but I wont.

I have PMS so my positive attitude can kiss my friggin ass!


EC said...

I think its fabulous you are doing so well with the weight loss!!

As for the job - if it makes you miserable or you don't think it is worth it, then it certainly isn't a way to live!!

lisa said...

Poor doggie. Girls definatley ned to have more fun. Sorry you are struggling with the 2 jobs. But great on the weight loss.