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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm In Mourning. My Show is Over....

Skip to the *** if you don't watch lost. Meaning, you're pretty stupid. And it contains spoilers. ***
Ok, so - show of hands, who knew from the first minute, that Jack was in the future? Me. I did. I called it. CP kept saying no he wasn't but it was obvious, he looked all disheveled. When did Jack ever lose it like that? Oxycotin? Alchohol? Poor Jack. Locke wasn't lying, that he wasn't suppose to contact that boat, was he? I was 95% sure the whole island thing had to do with time travel. I'm glad that is what it is, this is pretty cool! The people who screencap the show, also showed the paper he tore the obituary from was dated 4/5/07. So, it is in the present, not the past. I love being right. The funeral home name, Hoffs Drawlar is also an anagram for flash forward. You can see some of the article at Dark UFO. It said a man was found dead, and was from New York.

So much to talk about! Charlie? Charlie's dead? What the flipping hell is that shit all about? It was really cute how he gave up his life in that heroic fashion though. I'm thinking, Desmond is going to figure out a way to change the past with his future telling abilities somehow, and save Charlie, and stop them from helping Naomi, and killing all the "others". I have faith in Desmond. But how will he believe that it wasn't Penny's boat? I also loved how Desmond saved the day in the Looking Glass. Shot those bitches right to hell. Too bad eye patch didn't die. He creeps me out.

How awesome was it that Hurley saved them all? Dude! Pretty awesome. I felt so bad for him because all he wanted to do was help everyone, and they were all being big freaking jerks! Russeau finally met her daughter. That was pretty cool, "wanna help me tie him up?" And how about when she just elbowed Ben in the face to shut him up, without flinching. I'm starting to
like Russeau more every episode. I'm still waiting for Juliette to show her true colors. I hated her kissing Jack. She's such a freaking bitch.

And Walt's alive. Where, is a different story, but he at least is still able to project himself. Didn't he grow up? Dang! Was it Jacob that saved Locke? Or is "the island" getting credit for it? Everyone hates Locke now. Maybe Locke was the man who died in the coffin? He also has no family and they'd be pretty pissed at him. So next season we have the whole mystery left as to who wants on the island? Why do people want to destroy it? Do you think Kate is with Sawyer? What the flip is gonna happen next season? Only two more seasons. I think I'll cry. Sniff Sniff.

So I finally got some pictures from the big concert experience. This is Kat and Tayray with the tour bus. After chasing each other around with some black stuff, which is visible on Kat's head. Full house, our hotel room. Me in the bathroom of the hotel drinking out of my brown bag. Pic of Hinder performing. Me with my date. Buckcherry performing. I kept forgetting we saw them too. I love this pic of Kat in line to get in. Cerveza? Evanesence. This is my half assed picture of Tayray crowd surfing at Puddle of Mud. My date was still in the closet. Drunk Kat and her nasty hot dog. Tayray on some dudes shoulders. She was trashed. This dude was awesome. If you look down on the floor the guy with the fro next to the security dude in yellow. You see him. The hippie. Papa Roach. I rode in the taxi with Tayray and Todd. She found those glasses in the car.


EC said...

I have to say I haven't watched one damn epiosde, and I'm okay with that :)

Glad you enjoyed it though!

Mon said...

yea, if you dont know what your missing then your not missing anything.