"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm not sure What day it is....

What a holiday weekend. I bareley remember having a weekend. Did we? Is it Monday? And not because I drank too much either. I worked too much. Then I couldn't sleep. It's hard to sleep when it's nice and sunny outside and you are missing out on the beautiful weather. After getting off work Sunday at 7 am, I was up until 11 am. Cleaning. Completely awake. I got up around 4, even though I was still tired, because my brother had to go to the doctor. Kat took him to stat care in the afternoon, and when I got up we took him to emergency. Because apparently it was too bad to be handled at stat care.

He has cellulitis in his leg. He had that surgery years ago... then blood clots..then cellulitis, now this, for the second time. We got to the emergency room at 8 pm. After he had been at the Dr. since 3 already. We waited. I had a choco taco. Two mocha frappacinnos. That was the hilight of my evening. Everyone in the world was in the emergency room too. Lots of sick folk. Like, deathly sick. After two hours, I wanted to go to another hospital. FOUR hours later, they finally took my brother back. It's midnight. Kat had left about an hour before that. But, luckily she left behind her PSP, and I watched Office Space while waiting on my brother. Then, I watched part of The Island, and then they called me back to the room.

By then, I had been in the emergency room for 6 freaking hours. My ass hurt! How ridiculous is that? You shouldn't feel bad for me though, it's probably the most selfless thing I've done in a year. I am not that caring a person.

They ended up admitting him, and I saw his leg, which he wouldn't let anyone see before. It was pretty gross. And to be admitted into the hospital for an infection, would tell you that it's pretty damn bad. It's like a chunk is gone out of his leg. Knee to ankle. DIS-GUS-TING! He's still in there. Who knows for how long. I better take care of myself because it would seem now, I'm the only uninjured member of my family. Mom and sis are still ailing from their car accident!!

Yesterday I slept in. The roomate made me breakfast in bed. Don't get any ideas about offering him a lower rate to get him to do those things for you. It's a nice perk. I cleaned the carpets, did laundry, swept, dusted, mopped and cleaned the bathroom. He went to the store with me to do the heavy lifting too. Then we went on a bike ride, 12 miles. I totally kicked his ass on the hills, but he will say that is because he had 3 measley beers before we went. We went to Tayray's and hung out with her and the man, and Bethie for a while. Good eats at the neighbors.

Guess what I got at work? No, not more jewelry! A credit card! Well, I guess it's more of a debit card. You use it in the grill, which is our convenient store/restaurant/deli. I put 20 bucks on it, then you just swipe it at the register. I figure I'm going to spend less money this way, not carrying cash means money I intended for lunch, wont be spent anywhere but at work for my lunches. Brilliant.

P.S. I have only $356 left on one of my credit cards!! Next week it will be $256. Then, it will be GONE! Gone, gone, goooooone! I so rock!

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