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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Greetings From The Graveyard Shift....

Remember in February when I was called off of work due to the fact that the entire area was snowed in by two feet of snow? I never did upload any pictures, and seeing how it's 90 degrees, who doesn't love a good snow picture? This is the treacherous hill that is my driveway. I bitch about it quite often in the winter. You know, like when I get stuck, get out of my car, and my car goes sliding backwards without me in it. Or when the neighbors slid into the ditch. Or when I had to park down the
road, and hike it in snow up to my knees and dig my car out for an hour before I could leave. It doesn't look that steep or snowy in this picture, but you just have to take my word for it.

Speaking of my neighborhood. There are these hippies that live on my street. Wait, I'll back up a second, I don't actually know if they are in fact hippies, but their house is painted a fleurescent yellow with a bright orange garage door. And their address is made out of flowery-bubbly numbers on their garage in psychadellic colors. They tried to sell their old fence panels for a buttload of money. You can buy them brand-spanking new at Lowes for $20 per panel. Likely to support their drug habit. Like I know, I'm kidding!

Anyways, now they have a boat parked out front in the yard, and it's name is "Wet Dream". If I had a boat, I'd totally steal their name. I bet they are fun to party with. I'm gonna work on that this summer in my spare time. Likely, during one of my drunken walks to/or from the Circle K after running out of beer while having a fire.

I'm working. I spent 4 hours of work last night online. Is that bad or what? I really don't care. I shouldn't have to work the graveyard shift for fucks sake. After getting off at 7 am, I worked out, cleaned the kitchen, and stayed up til noon. It's hard to sleep during the time I am normally on a lunch break from the full time job. Well working midnights, means I had time to look for the Traveler's insurance commercial on You Tube. Have you all seen this commercial about the bunnies? I freaking love it! I always wondered what those bunnies did with only 3 legs.
You gotta see it!

In other news. I just finished my second Mocha frappuccino. After eating about 30 pretzel sticks. I think I may vomit.


Janet said...

This just goes to show that everything seems better when you're not living it. We're in winter, we want pictures of tropical beaches. In summer, we want to view pretty snowy landscapes.

As humans, we are never satisfied.:)

EC said...

I haven't seen that commerical, but I think I might just be curious to go find it now!!

The snow picture is great - I could really use it today since it hit 93 and it's freakin May... summers suck!

Ken Albin said...

I wish our neighbors were as interesting as yours. The guy is a "boss hog type" deputy sheriff and his scary looking wife waters the back yard in a see through mu-mu. I think the closest they ever came to a wet dream was forgetting to turn off the bathroom faucet before going to bed!

Thanks for the blog visit and yes, the bunny video is really awesome!

Rachel said...

I don't know how you can work the graveyard shift. That sounds really tough. Good for you for working out afterwards though!

I enjoyed the season finale of Lost. I really like Locke because he's so unpredictable and almost supernatural.

MzAriez said...

Hi Mon.

Thanks for the birthday shout-outs a while back. I took some time to catch up on your life tonight.

I've been so busy. I should be blogging in about three weeks. I have two jobs to finish and I need to move in that time. There are so many stories to tell.

Keep smiling and congrats on the new size!

Mon said...

I feel better knowing it's not just a woman thing, good to know everyone does it! I'm never happy!

Right. I'm not ready for it to be that hot. No way.

your neighbors sound interesting to me!

I cant wait to see what happens with him next season!!

Hey!! Glad to see you are doing well! Can't wait to catch up on what youve been up to!