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Monday, May 21, 2007

How We Do...

I had an awesome freaking weekend. My, how I miss having time off of work to kickit with my homies! Friday night I was all settled in with my roomate watching House on DVD, and I told him how I am a hip and happenin gal now, and sometimes I get late night calls to go out, and I go, and it could be midnight and Kat may call to go out. Loe and behold, she called me at 11 to meet her and her bosses at the bar. I would have stayed in, considering I had to get up early on Saturday to get to Columbus for the concert. But...they offered to buy all my drinks. All of them. Even shots. So, I went out. I ended up having a killer time of course.

Kat brought this toilet paper I told her to steal from these rich peoples house she went to a party at. Why steal toilet paper? Because it was monogramed. They wipe their ass with monogramed toilet paper. Know how I know that they're gay? Of course, we closed the bar down, and I hadn't packed a thing for the road trip. As a result, I left without my toothpaste, or a toothbrush.

I got up early Sunday morning to get ready for the concert, after waiting on Kat to get her ass over to my crib, I drove her, and Bethie to the hotel. We met the boys, and Tayray there. The room wasn't that bad. Although the beds were mighty bouncy, and there was some mysterious stains on the corners. Plus, five smokers in a room with no ventalation and one non-smoker was a recipe for fun. We hurried up and pounded some beers. I had about 5 in a half hour. Parking was $15 for the concert, and we could get a cab for the same price, so we decided to get a cab and not worry about a DUI. Which is nice. Kat was my date and that was our running joke all evening.

Have I ever said that I've never been in a cab? It was so much fun! I told all the passers-by that it was my first cab ride. Because they cared. We didn't have to find parking, or wait in traffic. We didn't have assigned seats so we found a place to sit. Oh, after getting our beers, of course. For um, $7.50 per bottle. Our neighbors were awesome. Some guys that shared the love, and some chicks in front of us too. We got to make fun of some chick who was so drunk she couldn't stand up. She is in some of the videos I took of the band. We saw Hinder, Puddle of Mudd, Papa Roach, Three Day's Grace, Evanesence, Chevelle, and I think that's it worth mentioning. ZZ Top was there but we didn't stick around to watch them. We missed Breaking Benjamin. Dammit.

Just the girls went to the second stage to see Puddle of Mudd and Papa Roach, which was way more fun because you got to get into the crowd, where there was surfing, and moshing, and plain fun concert goodness! We befriended some guy to get us down to the front because it was so packed and we formed a train of people. I took video of it, which was really funny to watch the camera jumping around, and ducking every few minutes to push someones ass overhead while they were surfing. We got Tayray into the crowd, but then....I was alone. I lost my friends. Miracously we all met up again. I had no cell phone. All my friends made fun of me and my camera, but I told them they would be happy when we are all 50 and I have the hilights of our concert fun. Then, I decided when I'm 50 I'm still going to fucking concerts.

I was pretty drunk. It's hard to keep track of six people, your purse, your money, your camera, and hoodie all while having fun. But I did it. There was a lot of fun between bands with people trying to jump the fence and get "on the floor" of the stadium. It was like watching football, only I hate football, so this wasn't the same. The security would chase them while the crowd cheered them on. When they were tackled we all boo'd. There was a fight in the stands that was awesome. And people threw their beer bottles into a dumpster parked on the floor. We made our own fun. I paid $4 for a soft pretzel, and $7.50 for a 6" Subway Sub.

Of course, I'll post some pictures and video when I get around to it. It's funny to watch drunk people. After the bands were done we all hopped in a cab together. This time we took a van back to the hotel. Kat, Bethie and me went to the waffel house for some bomb ass food, while the others were still waiting on their generic Donoto's booty ass pizza over an hour after we left. The boys watched some stupid boxing thing which prompted me to go to sleep. I could have kicked it much longer but sports have that effect on me.

When I got home my roomate had taken out the trash. And he also had me a 2 liter of Sunkist, which is my favorite post-drinking beverage. The house was also clean. So far, having a roomate is alright. I still can't walk around naked, but I'll get over it. I'm sure I could, but that wouldn't be right, now would it? Who could resist me? I crack myself up.


Bianca said...

Sounds like you had a blast. I'm sure it was nice taking a break from your busy worklife.

Celina said...

Sounds like an awesome time!! I can't wait until R gets here and we can start "hitting up" the concerts!! Although, we're going to have to figure out the "public transport" so we can BOTH have a good time! :)

Kentucky Girl said...

Wait...you mean not everyone uses monogrammed butt wipe? :P