"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Come and Knock On My Door....

Maybe we'll be like Laverne and Shirley? Or better yet, Felix and Oscar. I think that is better suited for us. Well, the universe has a funny way of giving you what you ask for. This, I'm learning in the secret. I've been saying for a while to my Momma if I just had a roomate I wouldn't be strapped for money, I could enjoy life. I could pay off my credit cards. I could quit the second job, (eventually) which I am not loving at all. In light of recent events, (read the post about saving the drama for your ex wife) CP has subsequently had to find housing elsewhere. He was going to move in with co-workers at the end of the month.

We talked last night about it, and we are going to give it a go as "roomies". I actually had to talk him into it, because he said he didn't want me to feel sorry for him. It would be helping me out tremendously. We already know each others habits. We get along. We have similar lifestyles. We like a lot of the same TV shows. (now, this is important to a girl like me!) There are some potential problems of course, but I'm really hoping this will work out. Having someone split the bills with me, will really allow me to not be so stressed out. I can get HEALTH INSURANCE through work. I won't have to charge my vet care and pay 29% interest. (BTW, my 29% credit card that I have paid on time every month for over a year, and transfered a total of
$900 off that card onto another....they raised my rate to 30% as a thank you. Don't do business with Washington Mutual) And most importantly, I'll be able to buy myself more jewelry.

I guess only time will tell how it will work out. I'm also not the easiest person to live with. I'm anal about certain things, like leaving soap on the tub walls, or folding your towel into three's when you hang it up. I don't know why I am that way, but therapy tells me I have control issues. Me? Control? Whatever! And besides, I don't want to let people down, they live for my sordid life stories at work. I do aim to please. I also told him that I had sex with my ex. Relax, it was on the phone. What? You never did it? It's the safest way to do things these days! He didn't get mad about it like I thought he would. So...maybe this will work. Time will tell.

Today at work, I had to call all my district managers at 8am for a conference call at 10am. And call them all again...to tell them it's Friday. What is my aversion to conference calls? First I hand out a porn line number, now I get the wrong day? This was my VP's fault, and he admitted it. He never told me Friday. Men.

I didn't sleep very well. My dog was whimpering. The poor thing. She is on pain medication, but I think it wore off around midnight when she started. I felt so bad for her. She also got diarreah (from the anesthesia) and looked high all night. I hope she is doing better today when I get home. The vet said her tooth was really infected. She's also on antibiotics. Kids.


EC said...

Um, isn't this your ex boyfriend? Not trying to rain on your parade but do you think this is a wise decision?

sir jorge said...

Conference calls annoy me. I don't know what I would do if I had to deal with them at work.