"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Monday's....

It's Monday already. Monday's wouldn't be so bad, I've concluded, if I had every weekend off to enjoy a break from work. I think I'll have to do something about that. I use to hate working two jobs thru the week, but you know what? I had 2 days free from work to enjoy, and make plans to do things. I'm pretty much sick of work. Especially now that it's nice weather. We had the most perfect weekend. It wasn't hot, it was sunny, and warm. I spent half of Friday night cleaning my carpets, and closets out. Kat called around 10 to meet her down at the bar, so I did. We learned sign language, which we thought was totally fun. We only learned things like "I want milk and cookies". Well, that's about all we learned. So I guess it wasn't worth mentioning. If we get good we could start our own happy hands club.

I walked on Saturday 3 miles. I normally only walk 2 miles a day. So that was a little bonus. I went outside to plant some pots up and weed my front flower bed, and what did I see? Tayray was outside, GARDENING. Maybe you don't know this, but she isn't domestic, or girly, so I was really proud of her. Her BF said it was his idea, but still, it was cute. I got most of my gardening done. I still need to mulch. And buy a few plants. Buy a few plants? I havn't had to buy any plants for seven years. That's one perk I miss from the old job. But, the one I get at the new job is way better I suppose. They last forever. Plants don't. Eat that old job!

I went to Bubba's to see her new puppy. She got a yellow lab. He's adorable, and he bit me pretty good with his razor-sharp baby teeth. I forgot how annoying puppies are. They never stop moving, and they bite constantly, and pee and poo in the house. I think that the next time I get a dog, it's going to be an older dog. They rock.

Sunday was an eventful day too. I got up and lounged in the sun in my lawnchair reading, and watching the birds. I always feel so much better about myself, and life, when I'm outside listening to the birds, and watching the butterflies. I know it sounds like a hokey song or something, but it's true. I enjoyed it, until the damn kids on their dirt bikes disturbed me. Every time they went by the birds left. There was about 5 of them, it was LOUD. They ride the trails behind my house in the woods. Imagine my delight when I heard the dog barking, and thought it was Kat arriving for our walk, and it was the police. Someone called the coppers. You know they parked right behind my car, and when Kat arrived, she thought something happened with CP and me. Then, Tayray came out and asked the same thing "what's going on?"

But, you know what? The dirtbikes stopped! Peace! Me and Kat went to walk the towpath. We did a 6 mile walk, because we freaking rock. We walked to the next town, and walked through the covered bridge drive-thru. It's the only thing there. We were pretty awesome in our faux cars. We thought we'd be sore today but I'm really not. I was a little stiff before bed but I stretched twice, and I feel pretty good! It's our goal to walk 2 towns over. That is 10 miles. One way. The good thing is, Bubba lives over there, and we can always beg her to drive us home!

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