"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Time Has Come...

Tonight people. The two-hour television event. Lost. The season finale. You know you can't wait either. There is going to be a face off of good and evil. And poor Charlie stuck down there in the looking glass. I think those people have no idea about anyone, like Desmond. Awesome. Hurry up with the DVD Lost people, because you are sucking up about 25 hours of my Tivo space.

I've got that song "forever" by Papa Roach stuck in my head since the concert. I bought the CD and now it's even worse. "Because days come and go, but my feelings for you are forever, one last kiss....before I go. It is time to let you go." I even put it on my myspace. Too bad I'm private or you could listen. Well if you're my friend you can. So scoot. It's infecting my entire life. Doncha love that? It could be worse, it could be some stupid shit I hear on the muzak at work.

I work Memorial Day weekend and know why I'm not sad about it? Well, for one, I'm poor. I drank away all my money this weekend. In my own defense, remember, beer cost $7.50. And two, gas is up to $3.49. I have a sneaking suspicion that the president has stock in hybrid cars now, because we are all going to have to buy them to afford to get around these days. I
think he jumped off the oil bandwagon and onto the hybrids. I think we need to learn how to harness human gas and drive around on our own energy. It would also benefit the farmers, who would have to produce the gas-producing foods like beans, and broccoli. Can you imagine the bazillions I would make on that? Damned math and science. I should have applied myself
more in school.

Yesterday the roomate and I biked it for 12 miles. Know why biking is way better than walking? You get the nice breeze. It's not as hot. And, you go faster. It's fun to have a little change-up on the workouts. I want to go again tonight. We'll see.

We made a pretty good team after the workout. He bought the food, and I cooked us grilled peppers, chicken, and brown rice burritos. It's only my favorite thing to eat. Mmmmm. He got me a brownie that I said I loved too. I think that's more a friend thing than a roomie thing. But whatever works for him. I slaved away in the kitchen and he steam cleaned the carpets.
I got a shower with my dog. (shut up) and relaxed for about an hour and I was zonked! I crashed on the couch around 10 something. I normally force myself to stay awake to midnight.

I know the roomate doesn't think he is going to feed me every day and make me gain weight. I've been doing fine on my fruit and vegetable meals for a while now. We're gonna have to do something about that. I don't keep food in the house.

P.S. Some people around me are moving, I'm getting a new neighbor. This means they have contractors in again. Not construction guy, it's some guy running computer lines and stuff. He's way hot too. Just keeping you apprised.


Kentucky Girl said...


Wait, what was this post about? I got lost. :D

bethie said...

that damn papa roach made me cry at the concert...too much to drink and well it sums up my life.