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Friday, March 02, 2007

It's Alive!...

Well I was down for the count. 5 days and still counting. I caught a virus. A Norovirus. Which means I had the shits, and pukes, and a hacking cough for days on end. Most of my department, and the managers that came in from out of town, caught a virus. An epidemic.

It started Sunday night with the sweats, then cramping, then body aches. Then I got up about 5 am and got a super hot bath to warm myself up. I ended up calling off work all week. I had a fever of 102. I couldn't believe it was that high I kept taking it. It wouldn't go down because I kept puking everything back out, and I couldn't take anything to relieve it. Then of course, taking hot baths really helped. I took about five hot baths. I can't wait to see my electric bill for that.

Mom got wind of my being sick so her and my sister were calling all my friends trying to get someone to take me to the Dr. I didn't want to go, I have no insurance! Finally Kat braved sickness and brought me chicken soup, OJ, crackers, and a trip to Stat Care. She even filled out my little patient slip for me. I looked like a total freak, I mean I'd be embaressed to be seen with me. I had way messy hair, bloodshot puffed out eyes, mismatched PJ's and no bra. I was hacking so hard, I was peeing myself when I didn't even have to pee. I got hemorroides too. Isn't that a treat? All from coughing. I couldn't stop coughing or puking. On top of all that I started my period. What could be worse?

At emergency they gave me a shot in the buttocks, and I passed out with my little puke basin on the table for a while then they let me go home with some meds. I just wanted to sleep so Kat took me home. The next day Bethie came to get my scripts for me and fill them, and got me popsicles. If not for my friends and family I'd be dead in a pool of my own urine. Seriously. It just goes to show once again, how you really don't need men for anything as long as you've got good friends, and I'm lucky enough to have that.

CP came over and brought me some Ginger Ale after a couple days. He helped me to the potty. I seriously had trouble with my balance. It was the danged medicine they have me on. Now, I have to call off the second job. They scheduled me 11p-7am tonight and tomorrow. I have been at work 3 hours and I can barely keep my eyes open. They can screw right off if they think I'm coming in that place. I have still yet to be paid for working an 8 hour shift on 2/17. Their shady mofos. Here's to living again.

The good thing is I havn't smoked in 5 days. The sad part is I've actually tried to make myself. I can barely breathe, my capacity was at 85% when they tested me at the dr. My throat is raw and scratchy so it's near impossible to do. I'm hoping to just be done with it after this is all said and done! The worst part is supposedly over.

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supplymadam said...

Wow sounds like you went through the wringer. You get all the luck,huh? Hope you are back to feeling better soon.
You got some cool friends there.