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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ghost of Husbands Past....Two of a Two Parter

I said you cheated three times while we were married, your cousins roomate, and some chick you worked with, and don't forget the bitch you knocked up.

Then he remembered. Said he got into a physical fight with his ex, and I said some things never change.

We went outside to smoke, and he asked me if filing bankruptcy had affected me. I said yes, I'm still trying to build my credit up. We also had a foreclosure, and a reposession. He said "it didn't affect me at all" I said yea, I hear that.

He had bought a house. Just broke up with some chick (a second babymomma) after 6 years. I said thats almost as long as we were together! He's the same dog he always was. Flirting with everyone. Thinking he is a pimp or something. When we went back in the bar he asked me when I got an ass, cus I never had one of those either! I said I work really hard on it. Dang.

So we left the bar after a couple drinks, and we went to his house. Not just us, kiddies, his friend, and my hair dresser too. On the way there, his sister called. And I talked to her. Blast from the past! Turns out he has a pretty nice house. A 4 bedroom ranch. He took me all around and showed it off. Lots of nice things. I said its not fair you have all this stuff, and I'm working 2 jobs and getting nowhere! He told me to find a man to take care of me. I said I tried that, I'm done waiting to be rescued!

So, I told a bunch of stories, and his friends laughed their asses off at us. We were just like an old married couple, I said see why we are divorced? We can't get along! We drive each other crazy. I told about how I use to go to the bar and move the car to another parking lot so he thought the car was stolen. I'm quite proud of that one. About how I stole my car back while he was at work after he left me.

He said he thinks about my Dad a lot, and that he thinks he was a great guy. He said he was afraid of him after he left me. I said you should have been, he was pretty pissed! He had to take care of me for a while financially cus he abandoned me.

When we left I tried to steal something from his house, but he caught me. I said you owe me! So the driveway was icy and I said do you have homeowners insurance? It's mighty icy out here I might slip and fall, so he practically carried me to the car. He said your not suing me!

We had a lot of laughs, he always was fun to pick on. Just a lousy husband. He had the nerve to tell me, that he could "hit that" if he wanted. I said you think? He did always wanna come back for the goods. I was totally over his nasty ass.

At one point, he leaned over me to get to my hairdresser, and I said "Euw, get your dick off of me" I kept teasing him about how I knew all about how he is in the sack, in front of hairdresser, cus hes trying to hit it. It made him really nervous. I said if you give me say 200 bucks I can lie and tell her your hung like an elephant.

But he wouldn't so, his loss. He's not, btw. He was then concerned on whether or not he was adequate. "Am I ok in bed?" I didn't have much to compare him to. Now I do.

It's weird. We have a lot of history, my high school sweetheart, turned ex husband. I guess it's cool that we can be friendly now. It's just sad that so much bad happened to us. I'm really pissed off that He is doing so well, when he was such an asshole to me.

And, I'm struggling. And harboring all this hate for him, for what? He didn't even remember why we got divorced. He cheated on me three times.

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