"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, March 16, 2007

Luck of The Irish?...

It's the weekend. And I get to work Saturday and Sunday. Woo hoo! Nothing like a 7 day work week to round out your life. Last night I was in getting my clothes ready for work and I thought, is tomorrow jeans day? (Friday) Yes, Grey's Anatomy was on tonight, and yesterday was Lost. I'm so pathetic. My life revolves too much around the boob tube. But how awesome was Grey's? George and Izzie? I'm glad their finally giving her a story line that doesn't involve crying over Denny. Anyone catch the new show October Road? How about I freaking loved it?!

And, I made myself dinner last night. This may seem like no big feat, but I never cook for myself. I eat bran flakes, or orzo (which Kat got me addicted to). Or frozen vegetables. Or whole grain tortillas with cheese and lettuce. Cooking is for the birds. I also did this while working out. Well, I checked on things while I was walking on the treadmill. And...it was pretty delicious too! I made a turkey meatloaf, with egg whites, not whole eggs. It actually turned out really good! I used onion soup mix that I use for hamburgers instead of the usual meatloaf seasonings. I also made a big pot of homeade garlic and parmesean mashed potatos. And green beans. Yumm-eee. I enjoyed my scrumptious meal, and remembered why I don't cook for myself. The whole ordeal took a couple hours, with clean up. But then, I have left overs for days. A huge perk of living alone.

Yesterday, one of the other VP's called me at work, and asked me to get one of my
VP's on the phone for him. My VP was on the road, so I called his cell phone. Nothing happened. It didn't ring or anything. So I go.."What the fuck?" and I hung up. I tried again. Same thing, 10 seconds go by and nothing. So I say "This is fucking weird". And I hung up. I tried again, same damn thing. So I say "This is bullshit" and I hung up. I decided to just call the district manager my VP was traveling with and try to get him that way. Meanwhile one of the other secretaries asks me "Were you trying to get your VP on the phone?" I said yes, she said he's on my line. So I pick up her line, and he's laughing. He said "were you trying to get hold of me?" I said "yes, (so and so) wanted to speak to you, but it was weird, it didn't ring or anything" he said, it rang on my end, I could hear you. So, we had a good laugh over it. I could just picture him answering his phone "Hello" then hearing "What the fuck" and being hung up on. Classic. You would think I'd learn to clean up my mouth.

I'm going to get a sweeper tonight. I always buy cheap ones, and let me tell you...when you have 4 cats, a dog and two rabbits, one thing you need is a good sweeper. The last one I got was a hoover windtunnel. I got it at an outlet store because it was cheap, and "refurbished". By "refurbished" I mean it was peice of shit. The belt melts, and the whole thing smokes. I have to always have extra's on hand. The filters need cleaned after every sweep, and for me that's every day. I have to unclog each hose by shoving a cat feather stick into it to dislodge hair balls and rabbit pellets that accumulate. (this is a tried and true tactic btw) I do this shit every day. This requires loosening a screw and taking the thing apart. I'm tired of it.

Kohl's is having a huge sale, and I'm hoping to be able to either get one really cheap with my measley second job check, or put a good one in layaway. The prospect of a new sweeper excites me. Hi, I'm 31 and getting old sucks.

In order to afford said sweeper, I will not be paying the cable bill. Have I mentioned latley how bad it sucks to now be poor? while I am not destitute, and I can pay my bills and have some extra, I can't afford to have health insurance. I did figure while doing my taxes, that I made 18,000 more a year last year, while I worked 2 jobs and had a roomate! That's no typo folks. That's like a whole other persons income. I made enough for two people to live and what have I got to show for it? See why I am so freaking depressed? Just another reason taxes are evil.

Then, to top it off, I owe the state $5. Fuck the state. It snowed five times and they can't even keep the fucking roads salted, but I have to pay them $5 above and beyond what they already stole from me? There is supposedly some hardship tax, but that doesn't apply to me cus I was rich last year. Of course, I wasn't really rich, but the state seems to think I was.

Hope everyone has a happy St. Patty's day. Think of me working away while you enjoy your green beer and irish whiskey. Sniff sniff. But then, I'll be thinking about all of you while I'm hearing all the DUI calls on the radio at the police station, and hoping I don't see any of you pop up on the screen. Or better yet, I hope none of you get hauled in and I have to watch you on the freaking screen. And next week, I'll get a measley little paycheck for sacrificing my weekend fun.


Celina said...

Your phone call story is hilarious!! I try to never cuss near a phone because it would be my luck someone would hear and be "offended."
I couldn't imagine having to vacuum every single day! I get bugged having to do it every week, but that's what 2 cats, a bird, and a messy hubby will do to a house! :)
I don't do beer, and have no interest in partying on St. Patty's day. Instead, I will be up at the ass crack of dawn setting up a yard sale for the insane residents of Starkville!

supplymadam said...

WTF! At least he laughed about it. Wow it must really suck have to think about what to you can pay off. The taxes suck! Like they will go broke if they don't get there stupid $5.00. Bitches!
It better be nice tomorrow,today we are all iced up here in NY, because we have a big ass party to go to at a big ass house where the woman has 4 kids and doesn't need to work.Did I make you feel better? Sorry but some people are just lucky I guess.
Sorry you have to work this weekend. Better days are coming,hopefully.

Frances said...

When I worked for a tax service years ago a man came in after the 15th. He figured he didn't have to hurry because he was sure he owed no money. No matter what we did he still owed 5 bucks, and when you are even a day late with your Federal return you pay a (then) $100 fine. He was so mad he couldn't speak.
Will be thinking of you Saturday night - sending good vibes - Your fellow Sagg, Frances

Janet said...

Do you really think the George and Izzy thing is gonna last? I wanted that a long time ago. Now I'm not so sure. I kinda dug her with Alex too at one point.

Honestly, when has there been a week that didn't start with Kohl's Is Having A Huge Sale...LOL

I hear ya about tv. I too revolve around it, when I have time to watch it that is. It's all stored up on my tivo. And as if current tv isn't enough (I recorded October Road, yet to watch it) I even have way over 30 eps of Growing Pains growing mold on there, too. What can I say? Some people just can't seem to move on.:)

Mon said...

I think I'm jealous, that you can sit outside for a Yard Sale and not be covered in icicles in an hour.

well, I don't feel better. I think I'd rather work two jobs though, than have 4 kids. That's a lot of kids.

Unfortunatly I don't think it will last. Although I do think that Callie was right on...I do think she has the hots for George.