"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Bought My Best Friend Today...

I've been a bad blogger. I hate people like me. It took me an hour to get to work today. An hour. It snowed like three measley inches. The traffic was stopped on the expressway. I had to get off, and go in the back way. Traffic was stopped that way too. Don't ask me what the fuck the deal was with that, cus I dunno. Now I have to work over 37 minutes to make up for it. Have I mentioned how I don't get paid for not working last week? I'll get a 13 hour paycheck. I'm gonna be so screwed!

It's hump day. The only fun thing about hump days, is that it also happens to be Lost day! Lost..the show for which my sun rises and sets. I was lost last night, CP rented some weird movies. One was the Prestige. It had big people in it, but the movie was wack. The other was Stranger than Fiction with Will Ferrell. Uh, I didn't get that movie at all. I saw a Stranger than Fiction years ago, with some not so big actors, I highly recommend that movie, not the Will Ferrell one.

Mom and sis were in a car accident yesterday. Im hundreds of miles away, and helpless. Mom is having surgery today on her wrist, I guess its shattered, and they don't know if she might lose a finger! I didn't really get to talk to her, cus she was doped up on morphine last night. Guess what? My sister just paid off her car. Doesn't that figure? It's totaled. Moms hand got caught in the door it opened and shut on impact. Sis hurt her ankle, and is sore from the air bag, but she stayed the night with Momma in the hospital. It's sad! So keep them in your thoughts. I hope everything goes ok! You shouldn't move away from your family cus then it causes them undue stress.

Today I bought myself some jewelry at work. I am able to put it on an account and pay for it up to 6 paychecks. I bought myself these earrings. Of course I got them at cost...plus 15%. Muh ah ah ah ahhhh. There are a lot of things that I want to buy. But I'm happy with my purchase, now I have real diamonds for both my peircings. And we all know that diamonds are a girls best friend. This is when it's ok to buy your friends.

Speaking of buying and selling friends. CP and me are giving it a go with the living together thing. On a part time basis. He wants out of his brothers and I need money to pay off bills, so I can save for my condo. If I pay off 2 credit cards, I'll be sitting pretty. It's only two grand. That's not bad at all. And next year my car will be paid off. And even if I get another car loan, it'll be considerably less of a payment since my credit was bad when I got the one I have now.

I didn't work this past weekend at the police station. Because I was still freaking sick. But that means I don't get a paycheck. I still want to quit that joint, but I need the money. I need a job where I get paid to not work. Know of any? Yea, me either.


Bianca said...

Prestige was weird, but I liked it.

Oooh! Pretty sparklies!

Frances said...

Hope your Mom's surgery went well.
Sending healing energy to you and yours,

sammi said...

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