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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ice Ice Baby.....

First Let's talk about Lost. Go to the *** to pass up the Lost goodness. I'd like to point out that I called Jack's dad being Claire's Dad last season, when they showed his back story. I'm so fucking brilliant. It was pretty awesome that Locke pushed that eye patch dude into the electric trap. You know, it was because he was going to out him as having been paralyzed when they got on the island. That's totally what he was going to say before the French chick cut him off.

And again, with the list. At least we got a little more insight, people that weren't on the list are flawed. I suppose that explains them taking the kids, but pretty much we all knew that already. I think the birds mean something more too. Because of last season with Charlies vision of his Mom and Claire, and those white doves. It's just a hunch, and you see I'm pretty right about my show. What I had to watch three times, was Jack frolicking with gray beard guy at the other's living quarters. Ummmm...has he just accepted that he wont be let go? Is he acting? Is he on drugs? Did they stick him in one of those rooms with the wacked music, and the disturbing images?

How about the previews with Benry? How he knows John was paralyzed. And how he got that way? Benry is a freaking
It's snowing. Actually, it's an ice storm. I had my windows open til 8:30 last night. It was such a nice night. I was 26 min late to work. My body hurts. I have just done the usual walking for 30 minutes on the treadmill, and weights and abs on the ball, but I've doubled the abs. Not like I do a lot, its only 30 minutes combined with weights. Still, I feel like I was knocked down, and run over by a truck. I also have a nasty blister. I think cus I took 2 wks off when I was sick. My body is retaliating against me. I dunno why it has to be so freaking hard. Like life isn't hard enough.

At work, in an effort to save the world, and make money off of us I suppose, they are selling these spiffy mugs that are copper, and have the name of our grill on them, and the logo. They were five bucks, but anything you ever get in it is now only 50 cents. So you save like 50 cents on your coffee or pop, and my water will now be free. It costs me 10 cents for a *gasp* styrofoam cup. Free is always nice. And, why let us bring our own cups that we didn't have to pay for?

I've been so busy at work with the end of the month stuff. People in the stores get an award for everything. I really hope they appreciate the fact that it takes me 5 hours a month to do their awards. We have to keep track of all that stuff too. So, I know it's 5 hours. I'm also in the midst of coordinating 3 regional meetings for each of my VP's. The girl that had this job before me, has no record of ever doing it. No contacts. No hotel info. Nothing. The folders on the computer labeled regional meeting, are empty, and there are no files. I so love when people suck at their job. And my VP's travel Tuesday thru Thursday, so communication is via voicemail,
and it's kinda annoying. You gotta be the right hand for 3 people, and I only have 2 hands m'kay? But...I love being busy and frazzled. I dunno why. I just do.

Speaking of work, I saw a guy down the cubicle way from me who is named "Lumbergh". Ok, don't pretend like you don't know who that is. Ummmm...yeaaaa. From Office Space? I want to be his friend just so I can call him "Lumbergh". I'm pretty stupid sometimes.

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