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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Times Are Changing...

I don't think I'll ever adjust to the time change. And now I find out, my Tivo, being an extension of my soul, is in the same boat. I got online to pay my bill, and there are instructions posted:

New software is available for all DIRECTV DVR with TiVo® Service platforms. In order to install the new software, your DVR must be connected to a phone line. If your DVR is not connected to a phone line, you will need to connect it and force a phone call to the DIRECTV Service.

Need I mention again, that having a landline is otherwise obsolete, except where my fucking TV is concerned? I havn't done the stupid "daily call" thing with it for 617 days and nothing tragic has happened. I'm not even sure why they want you to go thru all the trouble of making a daily call.

For the three weeks that follow the new Daylight Savings Time start date 3/11), your DIRECTV DVR with TiVo® Service may display the incorrect time. Again, to be clear, this is only a cosmetic issue and should not affect your Season Pass™ and WishList™ recordings.
If you have any MANUAL recordings scheduled between 3/11 and 4/1, you will need to adjust those recordings as appropriate.

It's affecting my recordings. It isn't recognizing some shows because I have them set up as a manual record, not a season pass. This comes in handy when you are recording old shows that don't appear as first run...like Charmed. (shut it) Or Tales From the Crypt.
Otherwise, it'll record every time it's on, which is 15 times a day. They suggest you change them, and then change them back. Fuck all that mess.

You see they state that it will fix itself on April first. Am I a dumbass, or isn't April first also April Fool's Day? Does this count as a legal disclaimer?

So, I'm geared up yesterday to call my credit card company, that raised my limit another 1,000 as a "reward" for being such a "good customer". I tried to call, and ask them to lower my rate instead. It's 29%. For the past 7 years. The non-english speaking woman told me they would send me a letter, blah blah, blow more smoke up my ass. In 7 years they raised my limit almost 4 grand, but won't lower my interest? So I decided to transfer as much as I could onto my other card as I have been doing, I only had about $300 available according to my records. When I logged on to do this, they had raised my limit by $500!

Now I thought yesterday about paying off debt a lot. Not about being in debt like usual. Not asking how I'm going to do it. I thought about being debt free. I told myself I am wealthy. And, the universe made the path for me to fix the situation. It's not gone, but it's better. And that's something I can live with.

I don't think it works for bunnies though. My Chelsea is sick. I worked all wknd, and due to the schedule, and their usual 'play time' schedule, I didn't have them out of their cage much at all. Monday, Chelsea was acting her silly self. She seemed thinner, but I also havn't given them treats in a long time, and she was a big porker to begin with. Yesterday I fed them, and met Kat out for a beer, and to chit chat. When I got home to let them out, it was clear something was wrong. Usually she hops right out but she just laid there. I picked her up and she's practically lifeless. So I spent the rest of the night snuggling with her, and picturing her healthy. I couldn't leave her and wake up to her being gone, so I slept on the floor with her in the bunny room. I put her in her bed next to me, and she got under the blankets to snuggle with me all night.

Think good thoughts about my girl. This is the last time I replace Boo's mate. I think he has something he keeps passing to the bunnies. She has that recurring abscess in her ear, and an upper respiratory infection that comes and goes that she keeps being treated for. I'm heartbroken. I don't want to go home and have her be gone. I don't have the $100 for an emergency let alone how much it will cost for everything else. I'm hoping an appt opens up at her regular vet.

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