"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Weight Is Lifted....

It's Friday. And even though, I have to work until 7 in the morning, I feel so fantastic, all my bills are paid! I think it is a huge load off knowing I have nothing pending to be paid, and I'll get a paycheck in two weeks all to myself! I
can save again! I was still a little behind from not working the week I was on my deathbed.

Speaking of my deathbed, I'm calling the hospital later to set up payments. I technically, can't get health insurance even if I could afford it, for another week. So, I'm going to try for some sort of assistance. It doesn't hurt. I paid enough taxes in my lifetime for some freaking help. I aint too proud, ok?

I've been cleaning a lot of things. You would be amazed at how much junk I have. Just me. The back of my garage is stacked with boxes, and outdoor furniture. Every closet is jammed. I have a two bedroom, two story apartment with barely any space. I think it's time I simplified my life. So, I decided to move the computer downstairs into that living room, I never wanted it in my spare bedroom to begin with, that was CP's idea.

Unfortunately, I forgot when he brought it over, it fell apart, and it was nailed together. The peice of shit fell apart again, only worse, and it's being held together now with wood glue, and finishing nails. That's all I had! For my next trick, I'm going to throw out my old sofa downstairs, and get two or three bean bag chairs. It's not like I ever go down there really. It's basically a huge bed for the dog and cats to get their hair all over.

I have a dream. That I will own matching furniture. I don't think that's too much to ask. Like my end tables should match my entertainment center, and bookshelves. You know what I mean. Oh, oh oh, and I vow to own a couch, that has never been owned before! It's the little things! I really don't ask for much at all.

I watched "The Paris Hilton Tape". The funniest part is, I borrowed porn from my brother! I guess it's way more than what was online, from what I hear. I wont say who I hear that from, to protect their identity. All I have to say about it, is that she sure is a lousy lay. I dunno, I'm not a man, but she acts bored with it the whole time, never moves, gives an "mmmm" here and there, and jokes around. Sure, she may look hot, and have some oral talents, but when it comes to getting it on, I was hardly impressed.

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Celina said...

Okay, that was a little TMI about Paris--I'm really not interested. But... about the furniture deal... yeah, I understand that!! My bedroom set was the first (and only) "suite" of furniture I've ever owned firsthand and that matched! Hey, if you can make it down here to MS before May 18, I could get you a Great Deal on furniture (via R's job)!! We've "hooked up" a few friends and plan on buying some stuff for ourselves before we leave! :)