"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, March 12, 2007

Maybe It'll Knock Some Sense Into Me...

I hate this early time change. Why on earth do we have to get up when it's dark out, when last week it was
bright and sunny in the morning? Whoever thought up this idea is a fucking moron. I hate it. I had a horrible nights sleep. I Had a dream I moved into this huge freaking house, and it was haunted. This is because one of the shows I watched where they renovate houses, was a haunted house. Anyway - it wasn't a good haunting, and I remember waking up and telling myself it was a dream, and I'm in my apartment that is not haunted. Safe and sound. But it was so real. I thought I could keep the ghosts out with cardboard on the windows.

This is way different than the year 2000 change. I don't remember any problems then. This time shit has screwed up my TV, and all my VP's calendars at work. They are all in different time zones. Only, we're all here in Ohio. Know what else this time change screwed up? My friggin Tivo. Not so much my Tivo but Direct TV. All day yesterday, it's the wrong time. When I tried to record things, it would tell me it was in the future, only it was really that time. And, everything was off by an hour. I bet I have to connect to the telephone line to fix it. And, who the hell still has a land line? Not me. Bastards better fix their shit, before it effects something important. Like, Lost...or Hogan Knows Best, or Real Housewives of Orange County. My contract with them is up, so they better not piss me off. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Oh, except for the fact that they just added a new channel. It's called Chiller. Guess what it is? ALL HORROR ALL THE TIME! Next to the reality network, I really don't think they could have come up with a more perfect channel for little ole me! It has tales from the crypt, Twin peaks, Alfred Hitchcock, Nightmares, and all sorts of old movies. Like The People Under the Stairs. And Swarm. The Blob, and Cat People. C'mon, this is a genius idea!

I did some spring cleaning yesterday. If I die, this is what happened. I was sweeping the garage, and out of nowhere, one of my stupid bikes came crashing down off the hooks in the wall, and hit me square on the side of the face. Sure it hurt when it happened, but only for a minute. Today, my head feels like it is going to explode. My right eye hurts, and that whole side of my head feels like its pulsing. Probably just the blood clotting in my brain. No biggie. Just so you know, if I like, drop off the face of the earth or anything. I moved a picture and realized that I had to wipe all my walls down again. I just did it in November. Smoking isn't only bad for your health, it's bad for your environment. Maybe that bike knocked some sense into me?

I really want to quit the second job. I really hate it. It isnt so bad working midnights, but next wknd I work afternoon shifts, so I'll have to deal with people. I so wish I could make money other ways. I just watched Breakfast at Tiffany's yesterday. You know...like trips to the powder room for $50. Only, I'm worth more than $50. And I suppose if I think I'm worth more than $50 I shouldn't joke about selling myself for trips to the powder room. Ho hum.


Celina said...

That sucks about the haunted house dream and bike falling on you! A few weeks ago I almost gave myself a concussion while taking apart our guest bed. I had the box spring leaning up against the wall, and while I was bent over taking apart the metal frame, the box spring fell on the back of my head. It scared me and hurt, so I dropped the metal frame and it hit my leg. I ended up with a big knot on my head (right behind my left ear) and a nasty bruise on my thigh!! What's worse is that R was already in Gulfport (4 hrs away), so I if I HAD knocked myself out, I would've been laying there for a while!!

Kentucky Girl said...

Gah. I didn't even think about my TiVo being screwed up. I hope it still recorded my programs...I WILL DIE without it!

Mon said...

its scarey to think about stuff like that when your alone!

I know, it brings such joy to the world!!!!