"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, March 26, 2007

Like Attracts Like.....

Monday. Not much to say about a Monday. It's hot outside. I slept with my window open and I was still hot. It's either snowing, or hotter than hell. I can hardly wait for it to get hotter. I'm lying of course. I had a nice weekend. Friday I swept and cleaned my carpets. Its a regular occurance for me. This time I scotch guarded them mofos.

Oh, I failed to mention that I got my tax money! I've been willing it to arrive. Know what I got to do with it? I bought stuff for my dog at the pharmacy. Not fun stuff, eye stuff, ear stuff, skin stuff. A girl gets some extra money, and she has to buy practical things. Something doesn't seem right here. But you know, I'm reading "The Secret" so I have been focusing on being wealthy. So, when I checked out at Rite Aid, I got a number to call and enter to win $10,000. I took this as a sign from the universe, and I promptly called.

I forgot to mention that on Friday while reading The Secret, I came to a part that said to use the book to find the answers by asking for it, and flipping to a page. I did. I wanted to find the perfect relationship, I opened the book right to the part about loving yourself, and having a relationship with you. Imagine that.

I've been spending my 10 G's in my mind. With my new wealth, I'm going to pay off my car, and my credit cards, put maybe a grand away, and put the rest down on my house or condo. I might buy myself a new computer too. Since I'll be able to afford the internet. Saturday it was beyoooootiful out. I drove to Best Buy to get a CD. I have misplaced my Edwin McCain Scream and Whisper CD but you know how Best Buy blows balls and never carries anything out of the ordinary. So I got Three Days Grace instead. I freaking love "Pain" and now I can listen to it forever. (Pain, without love, Pain, I cant get enough, Pain, I like it rough, cus I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all)

Upon my checkout from the store, I got a survey to win a $10,000 shopping spree to Best Buy. Since I'm suppose to be visualizing things as though I already have them....I've had so much fun. Oh, I won't forget the little people. When you think about it, 10 grand isn't a lot of money. Saturday night I went to see the new Hills Have Eyes with Kat. It so fucking rocked. They sell beer at the theater now. $4 a bottle, but nonetheless, it's beer. We went to meet my brother after the movie for drinks, and ended up getting home at 4:30 a.m. I can still rock it.

I got my schedule for April at job #2, and guess what? I work every weekend. Lucky me. The money will be nice, but I told them I needed the 28th off and they scheduled me. I called a coworker to see if she wanted any shifts cus she got only 1 weekend. She took one, but not the 28th. No one wants to trade midnight shifts. Cus we all have full time jobs, and we all fucking hate them.

It seems though, that I wont end up needing the 28th off anyhow. CP has decided in only his own true fashion, to stop calling me again. No explanation, just no contact. Well, whatever. Maybe it's for the best. I just think a girl deserves a goodbye, piss off...something! That's usually my problem, I hang on til the bitter end. You know, getting kicked in the face only to ask for another kick. This is sorta like when I lost my job, and he was 'there for me' for a day, and then disappeared, the same goes with the death of my pet. He was there that day and I havn't heard from him since. I'm over it. I'm moving on. I have my whole life ahead of me. I'm not going to keep going thru this and going back. It's just not cool!

P.S. I finally saw 'The Departed' that movie was freaking awesome! I didn't expect to like it.


Kentucky Girl said...

LOL! Good luck on the $10K surveys! Heh. I won a Hawaii trip 2 years ago from a radio station...so it does happen! heh

momma said...

just watch the news and save money renting the departed. bust a cap ,,repeat // cuss...everyday life in the u.s of a. any channel, any town