"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, March 23, 2007

She's Like The Wind....

Has anyone heard the new cover, of Patrick Swayze's fantastic one hit wonder, She's Like The Wind? I'm hearing this for the first time, thinking to myself. Um, this sounds familiar. Yet, it's so different, it took the chorus to hit me. No. Fucking. Way. That is just wrong. Some things, are better left alone. If you havn't heard it, you have to. Oh no they didn't.

And, speaking of songs. I'm enjoying my new Chiller station on Direct TV. I've watched the original "Shining" commercial-free. "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane", a classic! "Demon Seed" the book that I loved by Dean Koontz, like all his movies was really shitty. "Cat People". "Cat's Eye". And, I now have "Tales from the Crypt" on my wish list. Which brings me to the music part. I thought..am I just senile, or did the Crypt Keeper have a rap? I seemed to remember it, but I could have been confusing him with Max Headrom.

I found the video this weekend on You Tube, where all good things from your past are resurrected! Remember this little ditty?

Why does it take my dog 2 seconds to shit on the floor, but an hour to sniff out the perfect spot in the yard? I busted her ass in my bedroom trying to drop a load, and took her outside, where she sniffed, and sniffed, and sniffed before she could let 'er rip. Why?

I'm going this weekend to see The Hills Have Eyes 2 w/Kat. I'm not living like I'm poor anymore, The Secret says to act like you have money, to bring more into your life. Besides, I have a free pass from Christmas. I am pretty excited.

Wish good luck to Tayray as she embarkes upon a new phase in her life, and leaves the loser ass company that "eliminated the job" of her friend. Good for her. Their going down anyways!

I'm off to a meeting. Lucky Me. Happy Friday everyone.


Tayray said...

Thanks for the love!! Im gonna miss reading this blog everyday! =(

Rachel said...

I love the thing about your dog. So true! TGIF! What a shitty week.

supplymadam said...

Sorry to hear about Chelsea. Glad you are living life. Did you know scary movies are actually good for you? They say it's good for the heart to get a jolt now and then. Enjoy!