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Friday, September 22, 2006

Thinking On The Throne...

Grey's Anatomy? *spoiler* McDreamy loves Meredith!! I loved what he said about her making a decision between him and Finn. "When I had a decision to make, I made the wrong one". Ugh, my heart melted. I loved that his WIFE found her panties, and took the time to wash, dry, and put them in a ziploc only to hang them on the bulliten board at work. Busted! I loved the flashbacks too, they reminded me of Lost! Speaking of....I missed Six Degrees. I put it in "" on Tivo and it didn't record. Bastards! CP is going to download it for me.

I was thinking while on the can the other day, about the ozone layer. Why, you might ask? I was reading the Lysol can, while outwaiting someone in the work restroom so I could do my business. Someone who I think was trying to outwait me, but I won. Anyhoo, Lysol contains no CFC's. Remember back in the Aquanet days (I was a pink can) when people use to yell at you for using an aerosol can? "You're killing the ozone layer!" So a lot of hairsprays switched to a pump spray which did nothing but flatten your perfect 'do? Back then, everything was on recycled paper. We actually celebrated Earth Day. It seemed like people cared about the world. What happened? Did we just stop ruining the ozone?

Know what else came to me on the toilet? A face! I saw some chick at our work party at the photographers last weekend. I asked my coworkers if they knew her. It drove me nuts for an entire week, and poof! She works at Bath & Body as a NARS rep. She did my eye make up. The one that made me look like a hussy.

Has your credit card company ever said this to you? "We want to work with you to rebuild your credit" Psh, don't buy it. I rolled over a big chunk from one onto a 0% card. The next day I check my balance thinking, finally, I'm under the limit right? Uh, too bad they changed my limit, to my exact balance. Just wishing, and hoping that I'm late again to charge me that ridiculous fee. Keep on wishing bitches, it aint gonna happen!

The other card, I transferred a big chunk onto the 0% card, the limit didn't drop, so I have some available credit. Yay! In case of a pet emergency, and nothing else. So what do they do to reward me? Lower my interest rate???? (they're both 29% mkay?) No, I get a letter in the mail, and they RAISED MY CREDIT LIMIT BY $1,000! You know, cus they care so much about me being a good customer. Assholes! They aren't going to be sucking me in with that temptation. Nuh-uhhhhh. I've been on the wagon with the credit cards for far too long.

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Happy first day of Fall! I took this on my 8 mile *pats own back* bike ride last night. The trail has the canal on one side, and a stinky, green partially dried up canal on the other. This is a bridge with a waterfall. It's really a pretty ride. Bugs in your mouth and everything. Some of the leaves were starting to turn. I can't wait until their all colorful. Yup, it's Fall alright, it got down into the 40's last night. I vow not to turn on the heat until November when I get company. If my Momma and Sis stand me up again let's all blame them for my freezing to death. Sounds like a plan.

I'm going to the Yankee Peddler this weekend with Kat. It's a big craft show set back when people lived in covered wagons and shit. Mostly stuff is too expensive, but theres some vendors we frequent each year. It'll be a killer time. You remember, last year Kat knocked me over on my ass and laughed about it forever? She's so freaking hateful. Wait until we are old ladies, and I break a hip.


Momma said...

40 DEGREES?? brrrrrrrrr..Gotta dig out the woolies to wear on the trip up. One blanket, two blanket, three blanket, four~~!! I finally got some boot cut, low rise pants and now skinny legs are back in. Hope I don't embarrass you..LOL
Ah, the Yankee Peddler..Great show. Everyone should walk that 60 miles craft show at least once in their life. Most talented people in the world are there with their wares. BUY ME SOMETHINGGGGGGG..!(kidding)

Mon said...

I have plenty of blankets/comforters. Someone made me a nice afghan too. Skinny legs are back, but that's only cool for you guys with skinny legs! boot cut is still hip. I'll let you know when you are out of style.
I might find you something from Santa tomorrow.

supplymadam said...

xOh man skinny jeans are in that's right. I have skinny legs but the rest of me isn't so I would look like an apple on a stick. I'm sticking with the low risers myself.
I caught the last 40 minutes of Grey's. Patrick Dempsey,oooh baby!
That ozone layer wouldn't we also have to ban all air conditioners and pretty much all of life in general?
That's a pretty scene there.

Mon said...

I don't even have skinny ears. I like my straight leg jeans. Easy thru the hips and thighs. I thought justin timberlake was bringin sexy back? wtf?
I dont know what the deal with the ozone layer is. all of a sudden it doesn't matter?
It is a really nice trail to ride on!

Janet said...

I was so happy to hear Grey's kicked CSI's ass in the ratings. Take that CSI! And take all your CSI spinoffs with you!!

Bianca Roland said...

I love Grey's Anatomy. I have been waiting for the new season to start, and because I don't have Tivo, it just means I can't make plans on Thursday nights.

Gabriela said...

Thanks for the Grey's Anatomy information, I haven't watched the new season, here in Mexico it takes a while for the new seasons to begin. =(

By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog. =)


Mon said...

I'm right there with ya. There is too much TV time dedicated to CSI!

Hell yea, can't miss Grey's! It reminds me of the old 90210/party of 5/melrose nights. I didnt leave the house or answer the phone!

No grey's yet??? Oh, man I feel bad for you!!

Hothousemomma said...

I love greys anatomy... and mcdreamy. The ziplock undies were classic

Kentucky Girl said...

I feel so left out..I've never seen the show. heh. But I don't watch too much television anyway. :D

Lovely photo, BTW!