"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, September 14, 2006

What A Girl Wants...

Did anyone watch the Dateline about Debra Lefave? The 23 year old teacher who did her 14 yr old student? I might be a hippocrite, but who the hell cares? People keep saying if she were a man and she did that to a young girl she'd be in jail. Right, cus men are usually pervs who force girls into sex.

I really find nothing wrong with this. It was consensual. Have you seen her? I'd do her, and I don't swing that way. I know people feel really strongly about her "molesting that boy" but I just don't see it. I can relate to her feeling that affection and attention that is "wrong" feeling "right". And I don't think it was the right thing to do, but really, what harm was done? I had sex when I was 14, not with an adult, but obviously I was thinking about it.

Sometimes it's fun to work in marketing. Who am I kidding? It rocks! We get the best perks, and get invited to the coolest parties. Maybe other people at work are invited but my department actually goes. It's important to keep up good working relationships. Today we are going to one of our photographers for their annual lunch. It's freaking awesome. First of all, the people who own the shop, have their dogs at work. Who the hell isn't jealous of that? My first photo shoot I spent petting the dogs. Not like I had to do anything anyways, I'm not a photographer. I brought the plants, that was my job.

They open up and invite all their clients, and have the best food, and prizes. And I get to leave my job to enjoy it. Enjoy work? Don't let that get out, or they might put a stop to it. I mean.. I have to go to this lame lunch with one of our vendors. *yawn*.

I think it's inevitable that I'm going to have to go on some type of diet. I am not seeing any results for as hard as I am working in the gym. I don't look forward to dieting, because it blows. All I want for X-mas is a new size. Too bad no one else can give that to me, so that doesn't let everyone off the hook from buying me stuff! Nice try though!

Today would be my 10 year wedding anniversary. Pretty good laugh, huh?


supplymadam said...

Don't give up the workout. I did that a couple of times and all I used to say to myself was if only I was still working out. As far as the diet,don't. Diets don't work. I've changed my eating habbits. Like instead of a piece of chicken,with potatoes or rice,I will have 2 or 3 pieces of chicken and a vegetable. As much as we like the alcohol that has loads of calories,plus I try not to eat after 7;00pm. Okay I've preached enough.Believe me I am not that hin but I think I would be alot more if I didn't change my habbits.
Dogs at work. I know the feeling. Mine sleeps under my desk while I am working.Because as you know I work from home(knocks on wood) He's a great foot warmer.

R said...

Why do her and others (Amy Fisher) get rich off of their crimes? WTF? People try and live good lives and make a living and these bitches are off making millions because they are retarded.....

Hothousemomma said...

marketing people do get to go to the best stuff. Good clients.
Yeah the 14 year old thing is a little creepy for me... but I do like them young... about 5 years younger then me.. haa

Mon said...

Jealous. Wish I could work from home with the pets. *sigh*
Yea, I switched to bud select 99 calories per beer. better than nothin. I know diets dont work but im gonna change what I eat and eat more frequetnly that seemed to work before.

good point! I know this debra chick cant sell her story til she is off house arrest and her husband has a book out about her. He of course divorced her.

Yea, 14 is young! My point was just that you know he probably wasnt traumatized as he would be if he were forced into it. Sometimes I think about younger. CP is 7 years older. That's a lot when your 30. I think.

Celina said...

I was a little "disturbed" by that lady, b/c she's so pretty and seems fairly "normal," why is she out messing around with a 14 y/o KID? And, as his teacher, she should've known better than to get involved like that! But, hey, really, whose buisiness is it but theirs (and their families).
That is pretty cool about your job "perks." It's like being a college student and having so many opportunities for free meals and cheap/free concerts! :)
I love food too much to do the "diet" thing, although I am paying more attention to what I'm eating. Good luck with that!

MzAriez said...

I guess the issue may be more about boundaries and ethics. When a minor is placed in your care like as a teacher/student relationship, a certain form of responsibity is established and ethical professionalism is expected. I would personally drag my 14 year old daughter's teacher to jail is he ever touched her inappropriately. I am sure the rest of the family would be here immediately prepared for war, but I guess we roll that way.

Mon, you are so lucky to have job that lets you go to events like that. Mine on the other hand is doing a field trip to another school. Think about it.....4 hours on a school bus with 75 teenagers. What fun! =P

Mon said...

she did seem normal! Her phone conversations were a little weird though, she did seem like a young girl.
I hate diets too...but I have to change something. I hate to cut down my carbs. I love my carbs.

Yea, it just isnt right. I get that point. She should have also gone to jail.
Holey shit, 75 teenagers for 4 hours? Are you bringing a walkman? Do people still use walkmans? I don't have an ipod ha ha.

MzAriez said...

Mon....I got lucky...I rode with the direstor in her SUV!!!