"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just Like a Clock I Tick and I Tock...

A lady at work is retiring in her 50's. I'm so jealous. She also has no kids and always told me that's the way to go. I got to get on the ball with planning my future too...who will care for me when I'm old if I don't have a husband or kids? I always tell myself, thats no reason to have kids, cus thats like, 40 years with kids I dont really want only to hope that I dont piss them off enough to put me in a home when I'm decrepit.

I bought a Hoover Wind tunnel a year ago. Bagless, cus with 4 cats and 2 rabbits and a dog, you go thru a ton of sweeper bags, and you'd be suprised how much crap it sucks up daily. The stupid thing clogs up once a week. The tube that sucks it from the ground gets packed full of hair. So I have to pull globs of it out of the tube, by taking it apart at the very least once a week. I'm not sure, but doesn't this defeat the purpose of vacumming?

I bought this stuff by Kaboom you dump it in the toilet, and it foams up to the top of the rim, and cleans the toilet for you. NOW THAT'S TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE!

I have wine in my fridge that is 1 year and 3 months old, with a cap off of it, yet I refuse to throw it away cus I just might be in the mood to drink it one day. Yet, I'm afraid to try it cus it might be bad. Does that make sense?

I also have about 5 shampoo bottles with 1 use left in them. Cus one day, I might run out of shampoo and need that little bit. Nevermind that it's not even Redkin, that I use on a regular basis. Maybe I'll have a hair emergency?

Speaking of being a pack rat. I save the little bit of each candle that burns down. I put it into baggies according to scents. I've got a buttload of these things. One day I might make wax lips or something, fucked if I know. I tell myself that I'll make candles, but I wont. I also save my Yankee candle jars. I put shit in these though.

If I could win the lottery I really would keep all the money and not help anyone because once you give someone money, everyone will want some! I'm just being honest.

My calves are considerably thinner, and I have ankles. Nevermind that I havn't lost any weight. It's the little things.

CP caught my ick from last week. The ick I'm still hacking up. Do you think he'll take medicine? Or drink water? Hell no, but he'll sure as shit complain about being sick. See why I shouldn't be a mother? I am not a nurterer.

I hate when microsoft word tries to correct your text when you are typing. I forgot to turn this feature off, while typing a perennial catalog. Ever seen perennial names? Cruciferae, Ericaceae, Rosaceae, Arctotis, Arctostaphylos.......yea, Word changed half of these into even more fucked up words. I had to recheck 30 pages of varieties and their definitions. Fucking. Boring. I know you're jealous!

My rabbits got their treats thru the top of their cage, and ate the entire bag. Literally, they ate the bag. Sure, they ate the treats too, but now I'm on poop patrol to make sure they poop it all out. Rabbits have sensetive poopers. I have the best life ever!

At aerobics yesterday we listened to all Madonna songs. It rocked!

CP said he is taking me somewhere in December. And I need to take a day off work, for a long weekend. It's a suprise. I'm going to go ahead and assume he's taking me on a cruise, because that makes me happy. A girl can dream.

I found the cutest nose screw online. It's a diamond flower. It's only $119. I'll never afford it. Live in the now. Wanna buy me something?


Rachel said...

Yay for working out! Feel good about those thin calves! It takes a lot longer to make the scale move, I've noticed. But fitting into clothes better? Priceless. And remember that muscle weighs more than fat!

Bunnies do have sensitive poopers! I hate that.

I can totally relate to being on the fence about kids. So are we. And everyone has their own opinion on the matter. Do this. Do that. Don't do this. etc. You gotta follow your own heart.

supplymadam said...

How do you find so much to write about? Some people just have the knack.
Lucky lady retiring in her 50's. I know what you mean about having kids to take care of you because my mother,well let me tell you she is lucky to have me.
Amazing what obsessions we have. I am a shampoo freak too. I use them depending on the condtion of my hair. My husband always tells me I could open a beauty supply store(actually he said drug store)what does he know? They don't sell the ones I use in drug store.
I too always think about if I win the lottery. Depending on how much I win would depend on how much I share. I actually have a lottery list with 7 names on it. And some people I will never tell.

Hothousemomma said...

you are so funny. Good thing you have a back supply. you never know. The nose ring sounds cute. You have one?

Mon said...

Yea, I'm not weighing myself anymore, I refuse. It only depresses me. So in the past 5 months I have no idea if I've lost weight, but I dont feel like it. i've noticed small things..little more room in the waist, and butt, and last night stretching I thought, my calves look different...and they do! So, it's a change. Nothing major. I just recently started changing what I eat. More protein, which is hard for me.

I've got a busy mind. I'm always thinking. I'm the youngest of 3 so I'm good at trying to get attention...I think that goes along the same lines. At least you have 7 names. lol.

I just got it done the beginning of September. I have a little diamond now, but I'm looking for something to change it out with since I'll be able to change it in a few weeks.

Momma said...

You can use your partial candles in the tart warmers you know.
Make Chuck take some cold meds.. he will be sicker if he doesn't get on it. I used to have to smash pills for you kids and mix it with soda or something on the spoon. Except when Derek gave you the overdose of Flintstones vitamins. Now there was a fun day. Ipacak anyone???

Janet said...

I always wonder the same thing about having kids, but having them to have someone to take care of you one day doesnt seem right either. I truly cant decide. I get sad at the idea of having them sometimes, but sometimes I also get sad at the idea of not having them.

It's complicated- obviously:(

Bianca Roland said...

I would definitely say goodbye to that wine. I can't imagine in what universe year old uncorked wine would be any good.

Mon said...

I use them in the tart warmers. Then i save them. wait til you see how many I have. Yea, my brother tried to kill me. He'll be sorry one day!

it is. it only ever crosses my mind, maybe i want them. but, mostly i think its too much work.

i have a hard time throwing things away. I dont know why I don't throw it out. I need to clean my fridge for real!

julia said...

"I bought this stuff by Kaboom you dump it in the toilet, and it foams up to the top of the rim, and cleans the toilet for you. NOW THAT'S TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE!"

I bought this a few days ago and I'm pissed. I think I'll blog about it. You've inspired me ;)

I bought this a few days ago except my toilet isn't MADE like the ones in the diagrams? What am I in, the 12th dimension? Was my toilet made in Djibouti?