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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Do You Smell Skunk?....

Funny how a smell can spark up nostalgia. My freaking closet stinks! It makes me wonder how long I've been walking around stinking and no one told me. It brings back horrible childhood memories. Like, when a family of skunks lived under our trailer. My moms then boyfriend decided it would be smart to shoot the babies when they left their nest. Needless to say, they sprayed. I went to school smelling like a skunk, everything in the house had that odor. I was innocently standing in line for a drink and someone said "do you smell skunk?" Talk about traumatized.

My room has had an odd odor for a while. I thought it was just because I have had the a/c in the window and there is no fresh air flow into it. It wasn't a horrible smell, not cat or dog pee, but just odd. While I was cleaning my closets out, I realized I have a leak in my toilet apparently, somehow my bag of stuffed animals (STFU) got wet, and they all stink like musty stank old rotten water smell. Nice. The bathroom floods into my bedroom, as we know because I flooded my apartment last summer. My poor babies.

I'm missing something. It might have taken me a while to realize, but it's driving me nuts. I have two round container/magnets that hold all my itty bitty kitty words on my frig-i-daire. I'm down to one. It was about a month or so ago, Kat and Bubba were inside by themselves a little too long. They re-arranged my living room. Took everything in my room and put it on my bed, and moved these magnets CP made (there is a TON of them) all over the house. I'm still finding them today. But no itty bitty words. They had made some foul comments on my stove hood with them, and the container is missing.

They froze my bra too. Well tried to. That plan was foiled when CP told me they did it. My fucking bras cost $40, and I'm too poor to afford new ones right now.

Happy Birthday to my old Pal Kat. Old as in, I've known you since Jesus was a baby. Not that you're old. Although...you'll always be older than me! Betch.


hot for jr. said...

Happy Birthday Kat!!


supplymadam said...

Bummer about the leak. That really blows.Skunk! Oh my God how brutal.
So you need the good bras too?

MzAriez said...

What is up with Ohio and skunks???? My mom has them in her neighborhood. I had them at my apartment complex when I lived in Ohio. My mom says you can call, but all they do is put your name on a list for a cage. She was told that the waiting list is three months long. For all the forest I am surrounded by, I don't see skunks that often. I'm happy about that. My mom said she sees skunks by her side door all the time and she is a city dweller.

Sorry to hear about the water damage...my sympathies!

Mon said...

heck yea, it takes a lot of tape and wires to get them looking right!

we have skunks at our apt too. They must like the snow or something. I dunno what it is but they really are everywhere.