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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's A Dog's Life...

Hump day already? How did that happen? Idiot of the week for me. I monitor and answer our website's emails. Today? I got one from some yahoo asking if plants have feelings signed, concerned. I wish I had nothing better to do than litter up a companies web mail, with useless questions. That's certainly not the stupidest one, but it was stupid alright. The sad thing is, in this day and age it could very well be serious, and we could be sued for torture to plants. Some people are that retarded.

So, I spent my first 2 hour night at the gym in about 2 years. Ummmm....can I win some kind of award for that? I'm seriously feelin it today. My arms especially. So, guess what I did? I signed a petition to have our class moved back to 5:30. Two hours is too long, and it's way better to get home at 7 vs. 7:30. I also made friends. Well...maybe not friends yet, but in the 5 months I've been going there no one really talks to me. I'm shy. We have 2 new girls in class and they asked me all sorts of questions, I felt so freaking smart. We talked about the boy who teaches on Thursday after class. I'm so sociable!

And, since I worked out so hard, I decided I deserved not to walk my dog. Who, only walks for about 15 min before she poops out anyways. Around 9 I decided to start feeling guilty as she layed staring into space. She doesn't do anything. That short trip is all she has to look forward to. I'm a horrible mother. So..what did I do? I tried to get her to walk on the treadmill.

Now, before you think it's cruel, I watch this shit on The Dog Whisperer all the time. It's for people who lead busy lifestyles. He ties their leash to the stand, and you call the dog to walk. And the dogs freaking love it! My dog? Not so much. She spread her legs out and laid on her belly like she was sliding on ice Bambi style. She even turned to the side and stopped herself from moving back by getting stuck on the foot rest. It was funny, but not.

I tried picking her up and moving her feet, and holding her belly up, she couldn't grasp the concept of it, and I gave up after about 5 minutes. I was afraid she'd get belly burn from laying there. She stopped the treadmill a few times because I slowed it down so much for her. Before I ruined my expensive equipment. I threw the towel in. Funny thing though, she was super energized after her pull on the treadmill, and ran around for a little bit. I guess it's cus I kept telling her what a good girl she was.

You know, when she was a teeny puppy I walked her half way around the block, and she stopped walking. Much in the same way. Feet sprawled out. I tried dragging her, she wasn't having it. I had to pick her lazy ass up, and carry her home. Nice way to walk the dog, I was so embaressed.


bethie said...

I'm sorry to ruin your morning with my useless question about plants having feelings. LOL Don't hate me. I thought for sure you would say something about it and think it was funny so I hope you didn't reply to the email. It was on myth busters and the answer is no they do not have feelings but they did a ton of tests to see. It was pretty interesting. They actually put a lie detector thingy on it and screamed at the plants and played soothing music, etc. It was quite comical. You'll have to try to catch that episode some time. u still love me? lol

Mon said...

Classic. Pull one over on the marketing dept. Har D Har. LOL. Hell no I didn't reply, what would I say? No, asshole, plants do NOT have feelings, stop wasting my time... thank you for your interest in our products? I get enough legitimate stupid ones. Like, is this perennial a perennial? Uh, no we just call it that. Or, I didnt water my azalea for a week and it shriveled up and died, do you know why it's dead? Stupid people make the world more interesting....That's for sure!

supplymadam said...

I just started walking my dog again. Believe me he gets plenty of excersize. He tears around the yard and up and down the deck stairs like a maniac,but he is a workout to walk,he needs to investigate everything and anything. He especially likes to lunge at squirrels,bikes and cars so he wears a harness in order not to hang himself. I could use the dog whisperer.That guy is great. I don't have the National Geographic channel though. I need to look into that.

Stef said...

I came here via BlogExplosion - just thought I'd say hi!
Happy HumpDay! :)

Mon said...

omg the dog whisperer is the shit! It's amazing what he can do, I wish I could do the same. He says he trains people, he rehabilitates dogs. It's true too....Dogs like discipline, and I'm just a big sucker!