"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, September 15, 2006

Come into my Parlor said the spider to the fly....

I'm here to help all those not turned on to Lost. I found some good videos on U Tube to suck you in. You still have time to rent or buy seasons one and two, and catch up to watch the season 3 premiere starting in October. Although, just watching it isn't as fun as being obsessed with it's every twist and turn. There is so much more to this show, than meets the eye. I guess it's good to just watch, but it's way fun to be addicted. I broke down and bought season two yesterday even though I was suppose to wait until I got paid. 7 hours of bonus footage? Can you really expect me to put that off? I don't think so! I'll be holed up at home watching my season two should anyone wonder where I am this weekend.

Did anyone catch the View on Wednesday? I love the fact that Rosie O'Donnel gave Mike Boogie from Big Brother a verbal bitch slap about him being an asshole to Erika and calling her a hoe. She also made fun of him and called him a 12 year old for his "phone conversations" with Will in the diary room. I hate when people blame editing for their words. You know your talking to the camera, you know your being recorded. Loved it. If I were a TV host, I'd have done the same damn thing! Plus, I'd be hella rich and drive a sweet car.

I have a dryer again. Yayyyyy. The electrician did a real nice job re-wiring the plug. As in, I'm lying! He ran it thru pvc piping instead of rewiring it through the ceiling. Gray piping with black words, on my white walls. out to the garage. It looks so ghetto! I'm totally going to repaint the walls now. Landlord can bite me. See for yourself.

Remember how I have a coworker who annoys the shit out of me, and how she is my equal but for some reason thinks she is my boss? She wanted to put these huge display cases in my 8x10 area? We were to have equal space in our new office. She told me yesterday that the maintenance guy bolted them to the wall in my area. Apparently someone told him to do it, without consulting me. I wonder who would have done something like that? While laughing she said "it's cutting into your space though". I said, "I don't think so, we will re-measure and divide it equally". She gets two windows, and 2 more feet of space than me? I think not. This is going to be war. She has never seen my mean side. It's bad enough I have to sit by her now. Prepare for plenty of coworker bitching once I move. I don't think she's right in the head.

The cute boy taught step aerobics last night. Is the jury still out if he is gay? Um, he was singing out loud while leading us to ..."Hungry Like a Wolf".


Anonymous said...

Just let you know the jury is in and the step aerobics guy is gay. Singing to "Hungry Like a Wolf" was the final piece of evidence.


Michelle said...

Hi! I stopped by from Adventures In Everyday Life with Meagan. Great blog! I hope to stop by often to visit!

supplymadam said...

Definatley Gay. Did you have to pay to get the wiring done
yourself? Hope not.
Why are some women at work such biaches?

Bianca Roland said...

This is why I find other women so hard to work with much of the time. We really are bitches. And I say we, because I know some of the women I work with think the same thing about me.

Mon said...

I always know how to pick the best ones don't I?

Welcome! I love meagans blog too! Hope to see you back!

No, I didn't pay for this shit job on the wiring.

I think usually women in general are bitches to each other. I don't understand it. If we only all ganged up we could rule the world.

Janet said...

I watched Lost for a season and a half before ultimately telling lost to get..Lost. I just hated the fact that they opened so many doors and never closed any of them. I did dig Invasion though. Of course that got cancelled. Ain't it always the way?

MzAriez said...

Wow. I struggle to tell also. I have a friend who I and everybody else swear is gay, but for several years has professed his love for me. All I can say is that it will never be me....keep moving buddy!

Mon said...

My ears are bleeding, you didnt stick with Lost? ack! I think you have to be obsessed with it like me, because a lot is explained but you have to 'figure it out' and talk to other nuts like me and compare notes, and look for clues. Were spose to find out this season why they are there. I loved invasion too! Assholes. They could have at least ended it!

Ahh. I can see your point though you dont wanna be the one he's in love with....just in case!