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Friday, September 01, 2006

Move over bacon...

So we're gearing up for a big move at the office. Maybe that sounds exciting to you, but not to me. I fear change. I'm pretty content to be in my own office (by my own I mean, with another person, who is not in my department) away from the prying eyes of coworkers. Not to mention, I've got a great seat. I sit where I hear plenty of gossip (near a VIP) and the girls restroom. So people stop to see me on the way there and back. I know when it's safe to go to the potty in private. I know who stunk it up. But I do not know the phantom shitter...apparently someone keeps crapping on the floor. There is like 50 people in my office, the truth is out there!! I know what your thinking, and even I wouldn't do that!

Our new home will be a big area, and we will all be together. Currently, we're scattered about. We will be downstairs, at the end of the building no one has any reason to venture to. All alone. Shut off from the world. It's kinda sad, and I know I'll be lonley down there. What sucks about moving, is that I will be with a coworker I like 95% of the time. That might seem like good odds, but that leaves 5% of unbearable.

We went down last week to get an idea of where everything is moving to and all I heard said coworker say is that she had to have a window. Fine. There are 3 windows. We will be side by side, each with a window, (her with two, actually) with the same roomy (by our standards) 8x10 foot space. My new diggs will be on a wall that borders the mens room. Coworker thinks I need to hog up my entire wall 2 feet deep with a display case to 'block out the sound of the flushing toilets'. I could rip the bitches head off. Mind you, we all sit by the women's room right now. I don't even hear the toilets anymore. I don't care. Mind your own fucking business thankyouverymuch! But, when all is said and done, I'd much rather move downstairs, than out the door. "Budget cuts" have hit us hard the past few months. I can't even count the number of people they have "laid off due to budget cuts". Every day a new person either here, or at one of our locations is let go. And, we get no explanation.

I got hit by a shit brick yesterday. I had a 2 hour web meeting, and I got hot & nauseus, with a pounding headache at the base of my head. I slept all stinking night and took Allegra and felt better, so it's probably allergies. It's the season change. Who the fuck really knows.

Big Brother, while interesting, disappointed me. Of course, Janelle took the easy way out and got rid of Chicken George. She sure talks a lot of shit, and she is an asshole if she thinks Will and Mike are taking her to the final 3. So, I'm back on the Janelle bandwagon. I have no choice, she's the last person left I can stand. I'm also condident she can beat them all to the finals.

I spent a good hour last night with my Tivo. It's almost the fall season you know. I had to set up wish lists, and pick all my season passes. Delete canceled shows, change recording options. I have a wish list for season premiers, which is awesome cus you can just search for new shows! We're going to have a lot of conflicts (me and CP) with Grey's Anatomy moving days at the same time as Survivor. I want to watch this season, Jericho, Six Degrees, Hero, in addition to all the 50 shows I already enjoy! ...and the man watches 15 billion gay ass CSI shows. I'm all for those forensics shows, but I like the real ones on A&E. With real Dr's and re-inactments. Not the fake ass over glamourized crap on CSI. I love Tivo. It rocks my socks!

Hello to Momma and Sissy who are at home today. OFF WORK, due to hurricane Ernesto. Battoning down the hatches. Their both from Ohio so I deem them lightweights. We've been through a billion snow storms, and you can't drive in some rain? Come onnnn! I like to hear them talk about it, because they left Ohio due to the stinking snow. And, this is my Mom's second hurricane in Virginia Beach. I'm not sure if she was in SC for any, but I know my sister was there for Hugo. And I dunno how many other hurricanes she's been through. But, um, thank's but no thanks. Is it worth it? Eh. We have seagulls in parking lots like Wal Mart, and Kohl's. If you close your eyes it's just like the beach. Be safe guys!


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supplymadam said...

Oh how I hate the politics of an office. I would for a large company but work from a home office. I knock on wood everytime I say that.
I hated the last company I worked for. They had just bought up the other company I was with and we were part of the deal. They wanted to grow like a son of a bith and because we were all salespeople,once a week we would have a meeting telling us how we are all lazy and have no work ethics. Hello,remember why you bought out my company to begin with? Now they just got bought out by yet a larger company,Office Depot and the people that are still there are so screwed they just bend over for them. I think that was the plan all the while,to profit off all the companies they bought up skim the people down and sell out. I consider myself one of the lucky ones.(knock,knock)

Hothousemomma said...

office bs.. yuck. Janelle should have outed one of those fools!
We'll see where it takes her!

Mon said...

Thank you, thank you. If you come back leave your link I'll come visit you!

You are lucky to work from home! I'm not among those who can do such a thing. I get too easily distracted. TV. Pets. Bed. But you've worked in one office, you've worked in them all, basically the same crap everywhere!

I can't wait to see the end and see everyones reaction to how chill town 'floated' the whole way through the game. Idiots!!!

R said...

Someone shits on the bathroom floor? Gross! Well look at it this way, men's bathroom=a whole new world of gossip!

hot for jr. said...

Momma and I were home, because they closed our workplace. We made it to National news, thankyouverymuch!! Norfolk/Virginia Beach in case anyone caught it. We had alot of rain, 10+ inches in some spots, that would equal alot of snow, and winds that knocked out power and downed trees in some places. If someone is going to say, stay home, I'll stay home!!

Just Expressing Myself said...

I went back to retail to get away from office politics. Best move I've made in a long time.
Always a pleasure to visit.
Man I wish I could write a post like you!
Take care,