"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, September 11, 2006

Good Lookin Out...

I came into work today, to Stephen Pearcy on my desk. You know, the singer from Ratt? Round and Round?? Bethie brougth all this old school stuff from the 80's. I also got a pic of Kip Winger. It's OK to be jealous!

I ended up going out on Friday with my friend Katie to a new restaurant J&J's Smokin Cafe it was pretty awesome. It was a Harley themed place, and the food was so good! After we ate, we went to a bar in the town where we went to high school, and reminiced. She reminded me of one time in particular I had barred from my memory.

When we were in high school we dated brothers, twins. She dated hers for a long time, mine was only a few months. Lets not forget that I was in love with my asshole ex husband then, and no one could keep me away from him...he was THAT awesome. *cough*bullshit*cough*The ex had cheated on me and I caught him and after the drama we were back together, and I went out with Katie and the men bowling, then to our old hang out...Brewskies. It was an 18+ bar we frequented to get our dance on.

I don't really remember where I told the man I was going, but I know I lied to him. (Much the way he lied to me when I caught him cheating on me) I'll never forget Katie rolling up to my house, and there was D standing in my driveway. Waiting for me. I don't think she even stopped the car, but kept it at a slow roll, and left me with a "good luck" and took off. It turns out the man had gone into my bedroom, and hit re-dial on my phone and asked a bunch of questions.

See how fucked up things were before cell phones? If I had a phone, Mom could have called to say "hey, don't come home, your crazy boyfriend is waiting for you". Or, I would have been able to erase my phone history on the celly. No such luck. Boy, was he pissed. He hit our washing machine, and that was it for my Mom. She drove him home, and made me go with her. The whole time D yelled at me and she said "don't you talk to him!" After that I dated the other guy for a while. D would stalk me at his house. He never let me move on.

I must have repressed that memory and 100 others, or I'd have never married the poor schmuck! Speaking of repressed memories! Friday I also saw a coworker naked. He said he had a nude picture of himself, on the internet. I was very intrigued. Of course, I wanted to see it! He kept saying it was tasteful. Why did he have one you ask? He lost a bet playing chess with a girl, how typical geek is that? Classic! Turned out you couldn't see anything good. his leg was propped in such a way that you didn't see a thing. I suppose it's a good thing cus I couldn't face him then without laughing if I saw his schlong. You can't scrub your brain clean.

I'm getting my electric done in the apt. today. It's been 2 weeks without a dryer. Apparently the line broke. I think that is a nice way to say "it burned up, somewhere in the wall, and you're damn lucky you didn't die in your sleep." Funny thing is, I had an outrageous electric bill despite the fact I'm a lights and power nazi. Just having the dryer connection off for 2 weeks saved me $30. Anything that saves me money rocks! Let's hope the smell from the rotten vegetables, rabbit, and cat piss and shit in the garage doesn't kill him before he fixes my line. CP failed to take out the trash this weekend. Why? Because I didn't nag him to do it silly. You can't not take out the garbage, when you have cleaned out the fridge, litter boxes, rabbit cage and litter. That is a recipe for disaster.

For some reason aerobics really busted my ass yesterday. I've been exhausted. I'm probably getting sick. My regular step/intervals teacher started back last week. So we're pumping iron again. The old teacher used the fitness ball, so I'll have to buy one for myself. I like playing with balls. No, really. This also means, I no longer get to interact with the cute step instructor who might possibly be gay but I dont care because he is hot. I only see him at the front desk. *sigh*


Bianca Roland said...

I admire how you manage to keep up with your exercising. Where do you find your motivation?

Hothousemomma said...

Rat.. wow that takes me back... what goes around comes around, I'll tell you WHYYYYYYY

supplymadam said...

Yep cell phones have definately saved a few asses now and then.
Gay guys are so hot looking why waste it on another guy? Although they can be really good friends due to the lack of threat.
Seeing a coworkers schlong would not be good office politics,glad it was hidden.
Keep up the good workout. It's tough but really comes in handy when shoveling snow.

MzAriez said...

It is amazing how many memories we have hidden in our brains. They say all that information is still in your brain somewhere. Sometimes I wonder, how could I ever have been so dumb. Que sera, sera.

Kentucky Girl said...

Aerobics? That makes me tired. *yawn*

Glad you didn't die in your sleep. 'Cuz that would have sucked. heh

Mon said...

Momentum. If I stop, I have a hard time getting back into it. I force myself for the first few weeks then I just know its part of my routine. I do it right after work, so I can't talk myself out of it. I also have to 'go' to the gym. Working out at home never happens.

Heck yea, I'm the envy of the office.

I'll befriend the instructor. In time. I'm really shy can't you tell? I really am tho. Snow?? Snow?? It is about that time!!

if you start to think about that, it hurts your brain. I don't even begin to wonder how our minds work...it's pretty deep!

I would not have had a chance to leave my final wishes. Which are....to be buried with all my stuff. Let this be my legacy.