"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I might be the next fred g. sanford....

Today is September 6th. Does anyone else find it weird that an entire week is over in September already? I dunno what is going on latley but time is flying! It's hump day! My hump my hump my hump. I dreamt my nose swelled up 3 times it's size, and I had to have plastic surgery to fix it. Let's hope it was only a dream. In the meantime I still think it's cute! Even if my nose does fall off. It works for Michael Jackson.

Big Brother? *spoiler* Anyone else let out a scream of delight when Janelle sent Will packing? Will was an alright guy, but his arrogance pissed me off, Mike's too. Him quitting the HOH the way he did, had better blow up in his face. If I was Janelle or Erika, I'd have clapped for him and said "Class act boogie, class act" much in the way he mocked Howie when he lied to his face, then kicked him out. Mike was being just as immature. Except, I guess Howie has lost it in sequester. That was funny.

To be an effective trash picker, you need an accomplice. It is more time consuming to go it alone, and you run the risk of being spotted by neighbors, picking in their trash. I came across a great find this past weekend, and luckily I had CP in the car with me for the retrieval. I got an old ladder. It's an old wooden straight ladder that you have to lean against a house to climb. This brought me back to my childhood, when my brother and I had such a ladder, and would lean it straight up into the air, I guess hoping God would take pity on us, and hold it, while we climbed as far as we could before it fell to the ground. Sometimes it fell with us on it. I never said it was smart.

So, I spotted it, squealed with delight, and turned around and asked him to get it for me. "It's old, you can't use it!" he said. I said, "I know it's old, that is the point". He is telling me this, when I have old spools for thread, and an old shoe stretcher, and broken cobbler stands laying around the house? Whatever. I love old shit! Not old generic.....old primitive.

It's a good thing he was there because it was too big to fit in the car and it had to be stuck out the window. "It's all dirty, and painted" he said. Oh ye of little faith! I'm totally excited about my find! I told him "that's a nice ladder! You'd pay $20 for that in an antique store!" "You would" he replied. The people who trashed it had a $1 sticker on it. He just doesn't get it. I'm going to strip it back to the old rickity wood first, then I'm probably going to lean it against the wall inside and use it for a rack for afghans or something. When I get a house, I'll hang it from the ceiling for either a pot rack, or to dry herbs and flowers. I love it.

Along the lines of trash picking...or maybe this is considered stealing? CP got a new DVD burner and returned his old one to the store for a refund. It's a store that is totally taking over the world and does only bad anyways, so you shouldn't care. I sure don't. I think it's hilarious! Their going to fuck up my company too. Their selling our plants now, and they drive our prices down so we can't make money, and pretty soon they'll be running the world and no one will have jobs unless they move to Columbia. Not everyone looks like Shakira in Columbia you know. So, they deserve that shit.


Hothousemomma said...

big box places are taking over

supplymadam said...

That's very creative of you with that ladder. I have a friend who is really artistic. She picks up furniture from people's trash,strips it down and turns imto amazing pieces. One time she found a little girls dressing table and chair stripped it down and repainted it with beutiful scrolls and sold it at her garage sale for 175.00. A guy who owns an
antique furniture shop buys stuff
from her too. One time she took from someone's trash a small wicker table with 2 chairs and didn't even do anything to it except wash it down and sold it for 40.00.
Speaking of cheating stores,my husband used to save the bar codes from the cigarette packs and with them got an MP3 player and it wasn't compatible with his computer so after Christmas he returned it to I think it was Best Buy and got a 180.00 credit for it because he said it was gift and had no receipt.
I miss Steve Irwin.

Just Expressing Myself said...

Some people put money in the bank - my friend buys at one of the stores that's trying to take over the planet because of there return it anytime with no questions asked policy. When she moved from a dishwasher allowed apartment to a non-dishwasher allowed apartment she boxed up the old one and returned it for a full refund. When the rent is due and she's short - she just returns a few things to drum up cash. LOL.
You take care,
PS I think your nose is quite cute too

Celina said...

The Nose looks good! I'd never have the nerve to do that.
Oh, and we're "trash diggers," too (in case you couldn't guess that). You can find some really amazing things that people think are ruined or broken!

MzAriez said...

Mon....are you talking about the Big W????? that drives all the small businesses into non-existence and does not pay for health care for its workers???? Are you talking about THAT store??? No pity there.....It is just proof that capitalism does not promote democracy or equality and uses the middle class to support big business while hurting the working poor.

Kentucky Girl said...

Aww...I miss my nose piercing. It hurt like hell going in...brought tears to my eyes. lol

My friend uses an old ladder like that as her Christmas tree...she's weird like that. Heh

Mon said...

They sure are! It's scarey!!

It's amazing what people throw away! We have a lady at work like your friend, she can make something out of anything, nice furniture!! That's great about best buy!! I love it!

Woa, that's great they took back the dishwasher!!! Thank you very much for the compliment!

Thank you, that's why I did it Saturday when I had the nerve. I kept wanting to and chickening out. So I went for it. It's over in a few seconds. I love looking in the trash. If I had a truck, now I would be ON it! I always see nice furniture that just needs refinished.

I think you might have hit the nail on the head. It is ridiculous what they do to companies they buy from. Under the impression that they have affordable prices.

Oh yes, it made me tear up too!! Now, call me crazy, but I can picture a ladder as a christmas tree! That would be cute!!!